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Saturday, May 1, 2010

once upon a UTAR. part DUA..

continuation for part ONE.

when there's too much studying. people will do just anything to get your attention. ie: putting sweet wrappers into the other person's pencil case. in this case, these TWO people.. of all things.. choose to play with PEN. yes writing pen. cuz that pen ran outta ink already. and sh!t happens. thus.

hello Raymond's eye. XD

Winnee and Law. looking very focused. 

the very next moment..


oh did i mention. too much of studying also changes one's hormones. 
for instance. 

Raymond got into his dream of being a Thai Kickboxer.

omg. wait for it.. 
wait for it.. 

Raymondie Sio Ah Gua

even Law got uhm a wee bit outta control by tying a ribbon on himself. 
*tsk tsk*

for a change. gaya mouuuu.. 
new word: LAWlized. 
wanna know more? click here.

YES. studying too much does have create such effects. 

more views of the outside from inside the library. 
actually. photography in the library is not allowed. so i curi curi snap. 

one fair clear evening. pretty eih? 

blue blue sky has never fail to put a smile on me. (:
taken while waiting for food to arrive during dinner time.

it gets pretty boring if you stay in the library the whole day. *yawns
a lil step out is nice. 
headed to the lil stone sits behind block I. 
saw these magnificent view. VERY VERY PWEEETYYY. 
the weather that day was awesome. 

and again. hahahah. be jealous Ewin. :P

super lovin this one.

main main sikit with the exposure of my 5.0 megapixel and got this. 

another one main main and got this.

there another one from inside the library. 

x-tra large cheerful photo of MOI. 


hope you enjoyed reading. 

feedbacks and comments are very much welcome. 


photos taken using sony ericsson C901 5.0 mp CameraPhone. bear the quality abit. hehe

i'm glad you called. (:
happy seventeenth. 
i love you, 
tissue paper sailor. 

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