hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

love and hate

i hate being sick!. ):

bloody hell hate streamyx.
sooo geram..
wrote a really long mail to the boyfriend.
click on save as draft

'an error has occured'


*deep breath*

okay re-write.


wondered how was my weekend?

it was AWESOME!.

*free publicity lehh*

sneak peak!. my fav photo.
went for utar concert before heading to ipoh for transformers.

ooh. transformers was good.
and i love my sunday. (:

happy seventh month love. (:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

misery business

ooh! HEAVY rain!. with sunshine.

emo laa.
prolly due to the silence.
then the thoughts starts to come.
soo hate being alone.
good thing there's songs.
'whoaaa.. ' rihanna's new song. hatin on the club.
and also
'your lips like sugar' ..
are sooo stuck on my head.
akibat too much influence of darlings bokkie and shirley.

the other day. winnee told me to check out alynn's blog.
she wrote a very touching post on our gang. TA7~
time passed and some things changed.
friendship remains the same and probably stronger for some..
but no matter what..
hangging out with this bunch of ppl is sometimes.
the only thing you wanna do for a day.
their endless lameness and laughters
never fails to cheer you up.
heart you all. (:


going for transformers later after UTAR concert. *banana dance* lol!.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

green tea!.

i'm soo lazy to update my blog lately.. blehh.. maybe cuz i'm used to photo stealing?? haha.!.

i'll update it soon!. someone get me a camera and i promise i'll update often.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

of birthdays and dinners.



aloha peeps. (: that's peewee saying hi from UK.

here's some snips from blogS about weekends.. in KAMPAR. din go back this week so yeaa... ANYWAY..


guess who's izit?? *no reward for the smart one*


who was enjoying his ice cream.. XD..


crab mee hoon..

lala!.. you guys punya favourite...

tempted tak?? nyehheh.. bila nak come to kampar??? haha!!.

incase you miss me..

winnie and winnee.. (:

more photos..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

night fever night fever..

it's JOHN CHIANG my foundation class rep's birthday yesterday..

we went for steamboat dinner in kampar. (: ok ok laa bout the food. but the company is AWESOME.

after dinner there's the 'tradition' that was practiced during every friend's birthday..

the essentials.:
carbonated drinks
packet drinks
water balloons

cake!. of course. but but it was unintentionally crushed.. oh well. fun laa.

soo. what's up next? cream and water done ddi.. what else ei?? haha.

haven't hang out with them for quite sometime ddi. and it feels good being around them. cuz the crappiness, laughter, jokes, rubbish and everything they do.. somehow will just turn the frown upside down.

the four of us. karaoke session from last post. (:

shucks. i suppose to be working on assignments now with my will to procrastinate.. BUT. haha!. i'm blogging instead.. (:

emo songs was on one fm.. sorta made me emo sikit sikit.. hmm. how come i dont get emo when we were singging those songs during karaoke eh??

omg laa its soooooooooooooooo hot here!!. and it's quiet outside. cuz some of them went back. which explains why i leave my room door open.

grey's anatomy-hong kong drama-facebook-plurk-sleep-assignments-day dreaming-grey's anatomy-facebook-plurk..

my saturday.. (:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

you’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal

anyone volunteer to get me happy meal??

yesterday was prolly the best day so far since the semester started.. met HOUREN in campus today.. super surprised to see him there.looking good there!.. too bad it was just a wave and 'hello' cuz we were going the opposite dirrection.

after dinner.. sze ting, felicia, winnee and i went to westlake hang out. hehe. we were chor di-ing at 1st. that was about 11 something until 1am... those who knows the place will say sooo dangerous for us 4 girls to be out there that time. but we were safe... we had girls talk after that.. felt much closer to them now.

ahh!. soo guilty cuz my housemate was worried bout me. cuz it's been long since i've been out late late. and then she din see my red slippers outside the room, thought i din come back last night. sorry ming jiet. i'll text next time. heee.. thanks for your concern anyway. *hugs*

BISHness, aka MIFS lecture was boring as usual.. i was fishing then cuz din take a nap before the class. heh. grey's is soooo addictive!. scandals.. HAWT!.. soo loving mcDreamy.. *drools* and meredith. ahah!.

CRM was equally boring. i tried my very best to stay focus with distractions from the one on my left playing PSP and the one on my right texting. but i still heart them both. even skipped last 15 minutes of class to kap zhai. hah!. he was infront of the library. thumbs up for hair and dressing!. tapi cant see the looks clearly cuz we were at the 2nd floor and he was at the ground floor. blehh.

i'm still up wondering if the boyf's gonna come online. i'm pretty darn sleepy liao.. 8am class samore laa tmr. business finance. which seemed to be pretty hard thou.. focus!. i really needa focus...

pasal KENT TEOH i'm craving for starbucks.

photo credits to Rayner. (:

psst.. i'm on a photo stealing spree. making a habit of at least an image in every post.. so um. love it hate it... i dont really care. BUT comments are always welcomed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

me no likey you.. *bleh*

ahhhhh!!!!!. me no likey you you're soooo not cool. hmph!. 


heard from a friend about another friend. sigh. luckily she's alright. (: 

today is pretty much fun filled. haha. chat with my housemates ming jiet and cindy.. feels good when there's someone to talk to about anything. and we also gossiped about our new housemates.. nyehehe.. 

went tesco for groceries shopping too. soo reminded me of you..* you know who you are. * oh and felicia complained about not having a kuli to push the trolley and carry our stuffs. hmm another you know who you are. BUT different from the 1st one.  (:

DEREK NG!. i dun like you. who ask you keep giving me names??? babi you.. hmph!!..

genting!.  i miss them. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

'who farewels with their girlfriend?'

boyf sudah fly.. ):
haha!. i have even more freedom.
take care of yourself there kay. oh and you are not allowed to go look for UK 'BOOKS'.. you know what i mean kan? *do the eyebrown roll* rolf!. 

my mission to not cry failed miserably.. damn embarassing lorr. *blush* but but i'm perfectly fine ddi. 
and thanks for sending me home, evelyn. 
haha. funny laa you siblings. note: we went 'car hunting' in klia's parking lot.  

next mission is to rely less and to be more mature. *fingers crossed*

on another note: 


you still look the same after so many years. haha. remember when we 1st found out pn. uh. i lupa her name ddi!. 's birthday was same as yours!. lol. 
i miss your silly dirty jokes laa. (MAPED) HAHA!. 
oh and HAFIZ. any idea where he disappeared to after our last meet up? *tsktsk* the totally random just to safe-a-relationship.  and and MINLI!. 

izit just me or where has everyone been?. 

wait.. will you be reading this? haha. tak tauu. oh well still. you're no longer a teen. you tau laa. haha.. meet up soon!. ehh. i just met you 2 weeks ago kat adidas warehouse sale!. oh well still.. meet up soon!. *hugs*

oh.. it's also DANA'S birthday!. happy birthday babe!. 
and MUNSTER. happy birthday! 

din miss out anyone for today ddi rite? 

photos of what i have been up to during last week of holidays besides hanging out with boyf. 

lazy copy photos link. hehe. so linked the whole post. terima kasih rayner. (:

signing out um. happy but not happy. you tau laa horr. 

Monday, June 1, 2009


sei lorrr. it's emo day AGAIN.. ): 

那个男人昨天送我回金宝,他本来打算留一下就回家.. 我也以为他留一下就回了.. 结果他还是留下来陪我,今天下午才回家..
but他可怜到,整天都‘早睡早起’.. haha!! 难怪一有的睡就变成猪.. blehh.

可以讲就快宠坏我这个女朋友了.. lol. 

and that was our 6th month. time does fly. ily. 

i bet you all realise it's a 'recycled' photo. yea it is. cuz the up to date photos are in his phone. hee. soon laa. 
i like this photo laaa. 


on the other hand.. 

yiling huney. sorryy. 
suppose to teman you to Malacca then back to Kampar but in the end ditched you. ended up you din go cuz i din go. *paiseh* 

the foundation gang, (winnee, shirley, chia hui, xi shun, leslie) 
sorry i din follow you guys to Malacca as well. 

lately ditched alot of people and i sorta feel bad.. sorryy.. i'll make it up to you all. hee. *hearts*

btw. my 2nd last bfast in pj before leaving for kampar. 

FISH AND CHIPS. (: mayang's double storey. cheap and nice. haha. me love.. haven been there for quite sometime edi.. 

there are some leftover photos from everywhere. i'll post it up soon. (: now that i'm super duper free. haha. 


classes just started today.. the 1st lecturer and tutor seems really nice. so i guess i can conclude that this semester's classes are gonna be good. right? ngehh. tak tau laa. 
1st day of class alot happened. but still . manage to catch up a lil with some of them.  ahah.. not forgetting ter-expose my 'beautiful' face to my housemate.. ter-tear when i went to talk to her. hehe. prolly missed home laa. 2 weeks been home all day. ngehh. 

ooh. gohtong jaya for dinner and genting starbucks yum cha!. ahah. i missed that. fun laa.. lets do it again next holidays.. (: on boh?  haha.. 

almost forgotten. 
the weather in Kampar.: HOT!. HUMID! STUFFY!. no likey. blehh. 

*to andy: jealous lehh? i got english class. bleh*
introduction.. we were suppose to introduce ourselves. 

Mr. Sebastian

my name is yinli
i'm from pj. 
which part of pj?
taman sea
ooh.? so you attended high school in taman sea? 
*shake head* no.. damansara jaya. *smiles*
so your biology teacher will be.. *thinks really hard*
*eyes super wide* *smile and nod. *

omg.. bumi ini kecil..