hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009














Monday, March 30, 2009

graves and bikes

it's ching ming next week. but but. i visited great grandma yesterday. (: went to taiping with daddy and chea. out from my square rectangle room for a day. uber fun. they picked me up from kampar on the way.

some people are just such a turnoff. great grandma's fencing was stolen.
eh hello. not like you cant find a job or what so ever. it's a grave laa respect abit. jeez.

sunrays. beauty. (:

more sunrays.

the buddha statue by the waterfall by the hill.

we I didnt know it was nomination day for bukit gantang. which is very very near taiping. only realised when we pass the toll cuz the line for the cash lane was exceptionally longg... yay to touch n' go.
super alot of people and roads are blocked, police are on the main road, flags, supporters, cars, and and BIKES!.


it's pretty obvious the one on the left is the new one right.?

super lucky to capture this.

the latest bike!. haha. i dun think there's a chance to see any of this at where i am now.

just incase you miss my face.

toodles!. (:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

i have A midterm LATER.
8-9.30 PM.
i havent started studying.

thank you procrastination.
where are you motivation.

wish me luck.

Monday, March 23, 2009


i'm done with presentations. (: just found out that my level of nervousness during presentation has been reduced. hmm. haha. oh well a good thing laa duhh.

my week has been tiring. especially last weekend.

two more weeks.!. and bye bye braces. please this time for real. cant wait! *screams*

i met
princess jasmine & abu & aladin & genie ;
ariel & flounder & sebastian & king neptune & Ursula(evil witch) & prince eric ;
belle & beast prince & Lumière ;
aurora(sleeping beauty) & Maleficient(evil witch) & 3 fairies & prince philip & FIRE DRAGON (there was real fire on the ice) ;
mulan & general shang ;
cinderella & step sisters
snow white & prince & 7 dwafts (ahah i love grumpy, sneezy and sleepy)!.

oh not forgetting mickey and minnie oh and goofy. (:


L-R: mulan, cinderella, snow white, little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladin and sleeping beauty

my favourite character. tinkerbell. uber cute!!.

you!. must be thinking i'm childish. hah. complimentary ticket so why not.. it's also another chance to release the inner child of mine. hee. honestly. i was excited about that show. shhh..

fairytales. awww...

this show was awesome. better than the nemo and the magic show and and mickey and minnie's amazing journey. ngeh. lightings and effects was much nicer that the previous few. great job done there.!.

i wish i can skate..

UTAR'S having a musical. accidentally in love. next thursday 2nd april. sounds awesome huh? tickets priced at RM5. such a grab!. i've got my tickets and i cant wait till then..

i have this THING for musicals and shows. not so much on concerts. but there's an opportunity, why not? lol.

how can i miss MPH warehouse sales where there's always things to grab. bought the 2nd book to the twilight saga, New Moon. for RM27. a must grab kan?

yay to ikea hotdogs and nasi lemak in taman megah opposite rumah kanak kurang upaya.

talking bout perfect timing for a filled weekend.

dont you just miss the rush sometimes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

hmm. i thought i haven't updated it for sometime.

my internet finally got fixed. took them like 238435298 days to do it. blahh. msn is still dead. thank you skype. (:

assignments all done. only left with presentations and one last midterm paper on wednesday.

talking bout presentations. which i hate hate hate hate hate just abit. (:
not because i cant present, just that i cant be in heels and that's like. NOT GOOD. somewhat used to heels. but slippers and too bad either.

my ankle is recovering pretty quickly. but still hurts once in a while. because i love my uni. they are pretty much not very disabled friendly. or are they? hmmm. yea. over worked my foot abit too much. thus it hurts.

been raining pretty much here lately. and i hate it when it rains.

because it reminds me of.... aha. okay okay dah pass.

oh BTW. my midterms? screwed.

i'm starting to somewhat became bitchier.. okay bitchier seems to be the wrong word. um. maybe attitude or or self-conflict?

sikit sikit emo lately. BUT. i'm fine. (:


life's a bitch yet we're living it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

20 cents.

finally. i was able to come back. was stuck in kampar for A MONTH. due to midterms. and also monday's holiday. (:


there's still 3 assignments due and 3 midterms this week.
all the midterms are on saturdays. me no likey.

okay enough bout the not so nice news.

my parents's belated birthday dinners. *dad insist to wait for me* hehe.
sooo. we used the rm200 voucher from du viet from dad's company dinner lucky draw.
the dinner's occasion was renamed.
'WOMEN'S DAY DINNER' since grandma's here, aunt doris and pamelyn came along.

the deco on the stairways. made out of wooden bowls. very cool.

lanterns as you can see.

us cousins. (:

pamie and i. abit dark i know.

no photos on the meal cuz its in the camera and i duno where it is.
overall. the meal was quite good. it's vietnamese style. so raw food. different flavours.
the best part was desert!. durian pancake. AWESOME. loves lot.
almost forgotten bout my title. 20 cents. dad ended up paying extra 20cents only. so that meal in other words. = 20 cents.!.

oh. and this is what happen to my foot. hee.

i'm fine already. nothing serious.. can walk. cannot jump yet and of course cannot run YET.
it's abit silly on how it happened.

i'm really really grateful that i have this group of awesome friends. those who texted, called, and helped. thank you all very very much.

especially grace and john. thanks for driving me around.
winnee for the metal hit (tit da) oil.
shirley, chia hui, xi shun for texting and calling.
yee keat for insisting to visit.
felicia. for giving me a hand up and down the stairs.
my classmates!.
and the list goes on and on..

anyhow. i know i've said this a lot of times and some even threaten to do things if i say again.. but haha. i'm still gonna post. post =/= say. hehe.
sorry have to mafan you all. and THANK YOU VERY MUCH. *big big hug* (:
i have a bandaged left foot. uber emofying.

no internet. lagi sad case.

msn still not working. damn!.

feeling thankful. thank you all.

home sweet home. feels awesome.

jumping hopping limping studying is tiring.

elaborate soon.