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the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

30th december.

ola!. (:

how's your christmas celebration?


mine was superduper fun!. :D

great company, great food, great time. *thumbs up*

2010's few days away and 2009's about to end.

how's your 2009?

mine was fair enough. it wasn't really a bad year. mixture of sadness and happiness.

no matter what. it's another year ahead and it's gonna be GREAT!. i'm pretty sure about. (:

enjoy the last few days of 2009 and welcome 2010.

cant wait for the new years. i gotta feeling. it's gonna be a great one.
excited about tomorrow's bbq with boyf and his friends. hee. shy.

wish everyone a great year ahead.. *cheers*

muncho loves,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 days to christmas.

my big face for you to see. in case you missed it. XD

havent been blogging since i've been back.

procrastination laaahh. at home what also dowana do. at home got chores to do laah. lol.


these are few shots of things i've done for the pass few days when i came back.

17th dec.

went out with joes to shop around before heading to xian's place.

darling xian and sann's 20th birthday steamboat.

18th dec.

cousin Christopher's wedding dinner. i didn't know he's my cousin till daddy say we're same level. Christopher's my 2nd cousin.
my dad and Christopher's dad are cousins. which makes him my 2nd cousin. also met cousin Karen and Eddie. siblings to Christopher. but din manage to take photos. got also in their camera. ><

daddy also say he has alot of cousin and that was one of those we meet. funny how the family is soo huge. yet we only meet when grandma's here or once a year or even better. none. sob. it's complicated that we dont know how to address them. how embarrassing.


outfit of the day. after makeup.
SS-ing while waiting for the others.

the three of us in the wedding dinner.

19th dec.

attended love me youth camp's reunion day. haven seen dozen of them since charity banquet and it's great seeing them again. reminds me alot about camp days.

kok leong, me and soo ling.
obviously. i dont have the latest camp shirt. so i wore last year's shirt. hehe.

group photo.

it was mommy's birthday too!.
the birthday cake. I didnt forget this time. but daddy, sis and bro sorta forgotten till i reminded them. rawr. haha. love lots!.

bro and i went for a haircut. mommy too. but different salon. cuz mom thought we dint wanna cut edi. but it was raining then. so i did a lil theory of mine.

raining. less people will go to the salon.

thus decided to try my luck. haha. really don't needa wait for the usual que.

after that we headed to plaza crown hotel for Christopher's wedding dinner.
met tons of DJ teachers there. why?

did i mention. Christopher's mom is pn. Chuah Eng Hoe? erm. retired teacher.
yes we're related.

met Michelle Tew at the dinner.
back to the story. almost half the dj teachers were there. including pn. Betty Wong and pn Lee Mei Leng.

bro's class teacher was there too. laughoutloud.

the reception in the hotel.
more photos up on facebook. (:

21st dec.

movie with boyf.

princess and the frog. LOVES!.

did a lil shopping there.

his new watch and mine. (:

my souvenir from Australia. hehe. DOLPHY. (:

i miss my girls. ):

nuf said.

and a

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

rant- pre RM paper.

it's 9.25am.

approx 4 and a half hours more.
and i'm here blogging.

i shouldn't i know. cant help it. *grins*

RM only maa. RINGGIT MALAYSIA. (X.S. Lim, 2009)

i'm still relying on the answer script. *bangs wall*
and as usual. THEORY part. sighhhh...


back to studying. wish me luck!.
i need ALOT ALOT of em.

Monday, December 14, 2009

rant- post PM finals

paper number one just ended.
how did i do?

i read everything that i can read.
only part was the memorization of points SUCKED.

which obviously..
i forgotten the points to section B's question 2.
crapped through out the question.

as for question 1.
i threw in whatever i remembered as in all the dasars.
it seemed pretty much clashed into 3 pages of answers
for a 25 marks question.

hopefully it's enough for me to get at least 10 marks there.
and now. objective, section A.
okay laaahh. i know then know lorr.
dunno then tembak.

i'm hungry.
but decided to skip lunch.
to take a nap.
and continue on RISK MANAGEMENT.

please don't bail on me my dear body.
i'll take good care of you i promise.

rant post- pre exam stress.

it's less than 12 hours away from my 1st paper for this semester.



then next paper.


is also not very much time left.

honestly. am i ready? i dont know. seems like i studied. but nothing is inside. pasal nervous or worried or just berlengah-lengah.. i don't know. ): haven't been sleeping well too..


dun really give much about pengajian malaysia. but risk management. super worried. *bangs wall*

yes i'm not happy actually. that smile is a very strong smile i carry around.

wish me lucks peeps!. much needed them..

*fingers crossed*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

another first.

super soon kann? :D

it's a green post!. you should know what it's about. HINT: look at TICK TOCK!. (:

*he wont get to read this yet thou. AHAHAAH.. tooo baddd. :p *
super uglily funny. lol!.

the date was 1st december 2008. the place was KLCC. why there? cuz i was working in uh. i forgotten the hotel's name. eheh. under KMDC.

it was after working hours. so Mel, her boyf, Ron and i went to klcc after free cocktail drinks in-conjunction with christmas from the hotel.
we were at 'the apartment' then he called. ask if i wanna go for a movie. so yea. he came from his hostel to KLCC to meet me.
the movie was twilight.

a year has passed and there's lotsa ups and down in between but we got thru it. there's arguments and tears, smiles and happiness and so on.

he was the first guy i went on countless dates with. *blush*

he takes photos when i'm trying to eat..

and then asks me to pose for it.

he makes me smile.

he too brings out the cheeky side of me. *shy*

and. he takes ugly photos of me.. *box you* HAHAH.

and for my birthday.
one of this.

and 18 of this. with the help of my best friends here.
*of course its red then laaa*
how sweet.

not forgetting scotty and horney.
family reunited!. L-R: horney, peewee and scotty!.

still. at the end of the day. he's there all most of the time. :P
i hate you but i love you. hehe..

happy 1st anniversary.
have fun in Australia.

note: the photos are taken last weekend when i was back. that was my thursday and friday.

and about the title. another 1st.
it's the 1st of december. our 1st anniversary. my 1st EVER anniversary. (:

charity banquet + 40 sleepless hours.

these post are very very much back dated. :D

27th november 2009.

the hall. PGRM cheras. before the event. grand much!. but my parents weren't there cuz they say too far.. oh well. it was fun. but tiring.

the four of us. our job was on stage. smile and show the way.

see yun dah balik!. :D

the younger ones kacauing the senior's photo taking session.

KC pun dah balik. :D
ps: roadtrip? (:

pretty much photos of the event. there's more in fb and everyone else's camera. this time we get to eat!. unlike any other previous banquets. lol.


20th - 21st november 2009.

location 1: ABC. (: random girls only yum cha session. cuz we were bored...

location 2: westlake side. no photos cuz dark. the guys joined us later cuz they complain not krazy enuf. lol..

location 3: grace's house.


halfway thru the games. (:

location 4: kamling restaurant. no photos lazy upload. HAHAH.

location 5: westlake park.

jogging session went bad.. laughoutloud.

everyone else. the jogging ones..

location 6: tesco kampar. shop for dinner. no photos too. hehehe.

location 7: BIG A karaoke.
everyone. stole from grace's. hehehehe.

location 7: winnee's place.



this is really lazy blogging. hahaha. the photos are doing the talking.
so basically my pass two weekends..

next post SOON... (:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

25th november, cloudy.

it's only 10am. (:

i have a paper in the evening later.
Pengajian Malaysia. *vomits*

8 chapters 30 mcqs. doesn't sound hard right??
bleahh. so much to memorize yet dunno where to start.

AND. i'm sleepy.. rawrrrr..
no matter what time i sleep, i'll still wake up at 8am. or the latest 9.30am. *bangs wall*

final's timetable is out.


if only there's one day break in between. ngehh.. but it's still good. cuz holidays starts EARLLAYYYY... woohoo!.

there's super alot of pending post.
- 2012 outing
- 40 hours of sleepless fun
- karaoke with classmates

uhm.. not alot also laah actually. :D

soo till then.. you can stare at my photo up there. :P

have a great week peeps!. friday public holiday!. *cheers*

home i miss you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i wanna update you laa bloggie. but but. i cant just yet. my gigi-biru is not fully working and it's friggin annoying when i have to accept the files manually one by one. super annoying in fact.

then i tried the pc suite for sony ericson phones. 1st day. it's worked!. then lepas tu. i dunno what happen it dieded. rawr..

to send files from my phone to my lappie is friggin hard. so i'll update it again after i copy all the files to lappie. (:

there's karaoke, food pics. yumms.

you're definitely wondering there's that usb thingy rite!. yes. i have. but it's with my brother. in PEEJAYYYY.

oh and btw. i'm coming back next week. yeayyy!!!!!!!!!

so now. just one photo.
taken after 2012 with my babis and shun yous. love them to bits!. (:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lata Kinjang


i have abandoned you long enough. poor thingg. *sayang*

the last post is on trip to taiping. and this week is about lata kinjang with the boyf, LAST saturday!.
another past post. hee..

anyway. saturday.
that morning both of us went for brunch at yau kee. for curry chicken bread. yumms..
because he hasn't tried before.
lepas tu. suddenly plan to go lata kinjang. so we went there after lunch. hee.

nothing much we did there. take photos, soak leg. the water was chilly!. me likey!.

so photos:

he didnt gimme the unedited one. *box kiddult*

ini teman lelaki i. yang macam budak. :P

i took this!!. if i'm not mistaken. only this ONE. yang lain lain not mine.

everyone says he looks better in photos than real person. HAH!.
*cough* photogenic *cough*
everything with him in it is nice.

we dont meet all the time. and when we meet it's always nice. heee.
thanks for coming over for the week.
i practically emptied ur wallet. *shy*
sorry uncle, auntie. i didnt kidnap your son.

and this post is in green cuz it's his fav colour. i'm shooo niceeeee.


i heart you much much.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

le family and the tragedy.

while the boyf is still sleeping.. i'mma blog.
wanted to blog about it on the day itself but.


it was a saturday. daddy and chea picked me up. and head to taiping.
to pick up grandma and to pray. grandpa's anniversary.

grandpa and uncle must be having a feast up there, with the amount of food prepared for prayers.
everyone from everywhere brought something back for prayers.

the super full table. (:

quote cyndi. next time must prepare eno for them. with the amount of food there. lol.

the family. part of them..

and another one. <3

the 19 years ago family potrait.
i'm in there!. inside mommy. hehe..

grandma's 80th birthday. hmm. yes. 8 years ago.
we were so young.. haha.

soooo. that's end of my familia post. (:


dear james,

you prolly dont know me. but. no offence. your image in my head is a hyperactive, noisy, attention seeker wannabe.
BUT. you're still a great guy.
didnt get to know you personally. but you're a famous one.

it's sad to hear that news about the waterfall incident.
may you rest in peace.

and also the other two unfortunate victims.
rest in peace.
you will be missed.


i have a midterm on thursday. pengajian malaysia. i need much of lucks. (:

have a great week..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

semester two. year two.

my BIG BIG face to start with. :D


it's already 2nd day of classes. BUT i have no class today. :D
my off day is on tuesday. such a turn off. was spending the whole day watching satc.
imagine it on monday or friday. then i can go home on thursday after class and be back on sunday. OR go home on friday/ saturday and be back on monday.

stooopid timetable..

monday 1-3pm, 3.30-5pm
tuesday NO CLASSS.. =.='''
wednesday 3-6pm
thursday 8-9.30am, 11-2pm
friday 6-8pm!!

who puts class at 6-8pm on a friday evening.?? whole day no class and then pop. a miserable two hours.

still. have to bare with it. only two subjects this sem and assignment is already starting to pile up.
risk management and pengajian malaysia

short semester. so time passes really really fast..

NOTE: the following photos.. i'm testing out my 5.0mp cyber-shot phone camera.. (:

received a text from kaishan super random!. cuz we rarely text unless there's outing. haha.
so he said he's gonna drop by at night..

sooo.. i went downstairs when he came.
he passed me a paperbag.
'kent sent me'..

inside it..

:D new purse.. just what i needed.
white samore!.

nice pretty decent. (: thank you kent. and shan for the delivery.

ini. moninnee. me love me bestfriends.
we were bored during the 1st lecture class.

next up: souvenir from boyf. (:

guess what's inside.. *tsk tsk* >.<

pretty pink crystal-like angel. *loves*

*more angel*

thank you baby. jangan emo edi lerr. xoxo

now the story. of white. i have a liking for white things thou it gets dirty fast. but but it's pretty!!. i also love black. and pink. and purple. and blue. and green. and haha. all the colors.
my c901 doesnt come in white. ): soo black. much classier.

oh and yea. i'm back in kampar. ini sangat important.

joes jangan emo laa kayy. i'mma be back sooon. then can meet up. OR you can come to kampar laaa.

andy from handlewithcare needs backup singers. or 'choir girls' says him. sooo whoever's interested lemme know kayy.

that's all for now.. stay tune for moreeeeee.....