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i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

why up always comes before down? *edited

i had a great time hanging out with high school friends Kent, Julian, Meng Yoei and Tiang together with Kaishan, Xiao Yen and Wan Kien. Yi Ling and Jeckshen joined us much later that night.

tapi now that i'm alone, sudden self-reflects took place.

ish. i hate being alone sometimes. but at the same time. i like being alone sometimes.
contradicting isn't it.

i hate getting bad dreams that just seems soo real.

on a lighter note.

this will definitely cheer anyone up.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

daddy's day

i can't be bias and wrote a post for mother's day and not for father's day kan. so here's a father's day post. hehe.

 taken 3 years ago. on father's day dinner at decanter. 
click here for the post. you'll see my used to be long long hair.

my daddy is 53 years old and has a big big round stomach. its not that big laah. hehe. daddy is balding. he has more white hair than people elder than him. but i love daddy. daddy cooks me nice food.  daddy lets me drink. lalala~ daddy CAM-HOs with me!.


i'm a very fillial daughter *cough* haha. but couldn't be home for mother's day and father's day. not on purpose lah. just that mother's day was final examinations and father's day. my assignment load sky high!. CAN DIE. 

sides. not only on father's day you can show your love to your fathers kan? i'm sure daddy knows. cuz i'm the one who follows him EVERYWHERE. hahaaa. we spent the most time together compared to my siblings. :P 

happy father's day to daddy and all the father's out there. 

lotsa love. 
me. (: 

Friday, June 18, 2010

dimsum bfast @ Foh San, Ipoh

it's alright to take a break

wednesday morning. most of our classes starts in the afternoon or late morning. and with Ronald and his girlfriend, Suk Wein's visit, dimsum breakfast is sorta like a must. (: thus the famous Foh San Restaurant in Ipoh.

it's been a while since we all meet up thou. it even applies to us in kampar. different courses, busy schedule, final year samore. we seldom meet up except for birthday dinners. 

AANYWAYYYY back to the topic. BREAKFAST!. yummy!!

table settings. 

were suppose to leave at 7am. BUT. FF, aka. Jerry couldn't wake up. we ended up leaving at 7.45am.
luckily we were still early manage to get a table straight away.

round 1.

this got us surprised.
glutinous rice chicken. or lo mai kai wrapped with pau.
it's was so so laa. but very special.

the chinese pizza, came with its sauce. in a red bell pepper. 
unique taste. some may not like it thou.

round 2.

there was alot more than those in the photos. busy eating laah. hehe. and there wasn't sufficient place to put all the food on the table. 

soo. what's a meet up without group photos??

settings tak betul.

ze leng luis. (: *loves*
Grace Lee, Grace Tan, Winnee, yours truly, Suk Wein

ze leng *cough* zhais. :P
John, Ronald, Xishun, Yong Chee, Jerry, Chia Hui and Vin

all of us. 
(mann. the photos all looked sooo pixelated. rawr)

although. we obviously ain't tourist. but a group photo here. is 'iconic'. 

don't forget to take a a group photo with this:

the whole building.

oh. we also received souvenir.

no explanation needed.

more photos click here

51, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh Perak.

food raring: 8/10
environment: 8/10 
service: it's self service. 
price: overpriced a lil dim sum is liddat wan. once in a while nvm lah.

next up. i.. don't know yet. so keep coming back!.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ballie's a python!.

WARNING: not too suitable for those who despise reptiles.


*drum rolls*


such a pretty baby.

ballie's a Python Regius, more commonly known as ball python or royal python.
Python Regius is a non-venomous python species found in Africa. 

why ball python? 
this little baby tends to curl into a ball when stressed or frightened. 

for more information. click here

six of us. yang lain lain. dowana take.

big ballie and small ballie. and pool balls. 
hmm sounds kinda improper. hahaha. 

last thing. totally unrelated to ballie. 

shun's bruised leg.
from football. damn geng. 

next up: Ronald and Suk Wein's visit.

stay tune!. (:

i'm still hangging on. (:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

John's 21st @ Restoran Jia Kampar


dai gor zhai edi. must sang sang seng seng. :P 

first up!. birthday dinner is a must!. 
birthday noodles is a must during a birthday dinner. 

seafood tofu. *yumms

pork ribs.

four big sky king.
okay la itu direct translation yang super cacat. it's sei dai tin wong. 
stir fried 4 kinds of vegetable (brinjal, long bean, lady's finger and uhm this vege with 4 'legs', sometimes replaced with petai) with belacan.

roast duck.

orange as dessert. it's complimentary. 

overall. the food's quite satisfactory with reasonable price. for students like us, we get 10% discount. with complimentary dessert. 

Location: Restoran Jia Kampar 家好月圆
               no 11, Jalan Masjid, 
               31900 Kampar,

next post: ball python. (:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Apple!

*immitates the annoying orange* :D


definitely familiar kan?? 

dinner at kfc.
as our class only ended at 8pm that day.
tesco's kfc was the best place to execute a surprise. 

happy 23rd birthday Apple. 
Apple's the one in red on the right. 
3/4 of the class celebrated her belated for her. she was more than surprised.

class was at 8am the next day. i woke up late. HAHA. not very late laa. still in time to prepare and head for class. BUT was super sleepy most of us weren't really listening to our lecturer. it's Business Ethics. *yawns

9.15am. *conclusion.. yadayadayada* HUH? end edi ar? where to go for breakfast?? lol. all we did was laugh and laugh and laugh. you guys know what we were talking about kan? ROFL. 

wend for badminton at 12.30noon. HEHE. awesomeness workout weih. laugh die us. the jokes are all related to the same person. XD

i miss my babeh. lama tak jumpa. ): 
last seen. thursday. 
enjoy yourself at the housepartay yeah.

too bored of listening to CBM.
the girls were being cheeky.

come on messi. come on!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

block stacking

a very simple game of blocks of 3 stacked in opposite direction. all you have to do is to remove one block at a time and stack it on the top. the one who pulls the last block before the tower falls is the loser.

sounds simple eh? the trick is not to let the tower fall. so aim for the loose blocks as it's easier to be removed. risk adverse (finance jargon). there's always times when there's no other blocks to remove and you can't diversify risk (finance jargon again) then there's no choice but to take up the risk.

i've got to start thinking like a finance person. if not i'll prolly ph-ail my finance papers. which i do not want to.

been feeling like a hypocrite lately. i dont know why. prolly due to all the happenings around. i can condemn others on their behavior yet sometimes i act the same. why ah?

there's just way too much going on around the beloved oneS. you know who you are.

on a happier note. it's mid of week 2. heading home this weekend for be earlied father's day celebration. :D

Monday, June 7, 2010


it's.. .. 

damn tempting can. 
sushi zanmai calender on my table. 
everyday wake up stare at that. hungry x100. 

that's not the main purpose of this post lah. 

this is APRIL. 
everyone say hi to April.
April was nicely decorated with deadlines and final and etc etc.

now. this is JUNE. 
everyone say hi to June.
June is still very clean from all the contengs.

July is catching up with all the due date and mid terms contengans.
Year 3 memang Year 3. can die. 
only week 2 work load is mountain high.
procrastination level +100.

how to go home liddat?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cafe Takahashi & Shrek 4 @ Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh

it's week one. so there's definitely time for break. (: thus we headed to Ipoh for movie. initially was suppose to go for Happy Go Lucky. but someone got the timing wrong so switched to Shrek Forever After. 

it's a goooooood one. i like!. (:

the synospsis: A bored and domesticated Shrek pacts with deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin to get back to feeling like a real ogre again, but when he's duped and sent to a twisted version of Far Far Away -- where Rumpelstiltskin is king, ogres are hunted, and he and Fiona have never met -- he sets out to restore his world and reclaim his true love. 

yeap. it's nice. balance of sentimental and humors. i like!. Winnee was sobbing throughout the movie. lol. 

before the movie it's dinner. couldn't decide on what to have and Yee Kiat suggested Cafe Takahashi just below TGV cinema. 

the place is very nicely decorated with miniature dolls and flowers. very pretty. the yellow light ambiance adds a touch of romanticism. 

the other side. 

table setting. 

our green tea. it's refillable. 

mushroom soup
prolly made from wild mushroom. the unique taste is to die for. unlike the normal pizza hut type. 


Chicken Katsu Curry Rice

Chia Hui, Winnee and I had the same set. 
mushroom soup (is to die for) + cawanmushi + Chicken Katsu Curry Rice for 
RM 18.80 

Yee Kiat's spagetti something something. heh. i forgotten. *blush

us girls. (:

Location : Cafe Takahashi @ Lot F55A, Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre, 
                 No 2, Jalan Teh Lean Swee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

Cafe Takahashi is also review by Motormouth from Ipoh and also simplyunfashionable

to sum it all, it was a great time hangging out with this bunch of people. except shun wasn't there laah. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wesak Day '10

day two of uni was. haha. okay laah. gotta get used to attending classes. at least that keeps me occupy. but my timetable ain't that pretty. i have the 3 hours gap on monday, 2 hours lecture class ONLY on tues and wed and friday, 3 tutorial class with 30 minutes and 90 minutes break in between. okay laa. at least friday's class ends early. 

okay that's not this post is supposed to be about. 

since it's semester break, i thought i should contribute this very day to the temple as they needed help. and i haven't been an active member since step down and moving to kampar. 

was placed under the stage crew. or at least thats what i think i should call it. i'm only useful when there's something going on on the stage. ie: opening ceremony, prize giving etc. other time i spend saying hello to people and taking photos. 

the backdrop. 

who doesn't cam-ho? (:

before the whole thing start. 

among the things sold that day. 

the crowd starts coming in and everyone started working.

ppl all working edi you all still can take photos. *shake head* 

iStalk. (: 


it's being promoted all over the place.

serious discussion going on there.

car stickers. 

there's always funny things to be done. 

this was before it got really dirty due to the rain. 

there. see another funny face.

my only source of food that day. damn nice can?

the decoration up in the main shrine.
pretty no?

must bath buddha. 

moi. uhm. hehe. steal chicken a while. 

still manage to smile after a long day of work.
credits to Eric Chiang.

more photos available on facebook.