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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey Apple!

*immitates the annoying orange* :D


definitely familiar kan?? 

dinner at kfc.
as our class only ended at 8pm that day.
tesco's kfc was the best place to execute a surprise. 

happy 23rd birthday Apple. 
Apple's the one in red on the right. 
3/4 of the class celebrated her belated for her. she was more than surprised.

class was at 8am the next day. i woke up late. HAHA. not very late laa. still in time to prepare and head for class. BUT was super sleepy most of us weren't really listening to our lecturer. it's Business Ethics. *yawns

9.15am. *conclusion.. yadayadayada* HUH? end edi ar? where to go for breakfast?? lol. all we did was laugh and laugh and laugh. you guys know what we were talking about kan? ROFL. 

wend for badminton at 12.30noon. HEHE. awesomeness workout weih. laugh die us. the jokes are all related to the same person. XD

i miss my babeh. lama tak jumpa. ): 
last seen. thursday. 
enjoy yourself at the housepartay yeah.

too bored of listening to CBM.
the girls were being cheeky.

come on messi. come on!!!

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