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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i'mma year 3 student!

what else to jump start a new semester. class cancellation. major turnoff. i was pretty excited to be seeing my uni-mates again until..
*msn tone* today's both class cancel. 
WOOT. 1st day of the semester class cancel. obviously it's unbelievable right? i even thought it was some prank. but yea it's true class cancelled

11:30am *msn tone* 
mom: no class meh? 
me: haha class cancel. :D 
mom: 1st day class canceled?
me: yeaaaa. mommy, UTAR BOLEH

i actually think mom is checking on me thru msn. hah!. cuz she can't contact me. nenenibubu. okay that's rude.

as usual it's the beginning of semester when all the cars can be drove into the university's compound. there were like 367845390482745 cars around i'm exaggerating laah. and there wasn't enough parking space because lazy people refuse to park further. haha. keeding. the parking spaces in uni are very very limited. and there's always the case of smart people simply park their car, blocking the traffic. kudos to them.

did i mention? I'M A YEAR THREE STUDENT!. saja wanna bold it. which means it's my final year already. joy or sorrow. i dont know exactly. heh. looking forward to a better results.

note to self: must not slack too much. mommy will be very disappointed. 

incase you miss the announcement part on top:

now that i'm back in Kampar, my maxis line obviously kaput edi. dont ask me why. the reception here is very bad that i have to be outdoors to get receive texts.
so if there's anything urgent or in need to contact me, call or text my digi number. if it's 016 in your phonebook, yes you have to PM or IM or DM me thru facebook, email, or msn. the new number is 014.


on the other hand:


previously briefly mentioned in whydoihavesomanynames? that post is finally up!. haha. it's on Kiddult. click  there for the full post.

next up. wesak day.

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ohmywtf said...

last year should be sorrow lor....since school days were the best if u ask me :-(