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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


was texting Tiang to see if he's free to go yumcha since i was bored and he's on holiday. a very very random one.
i texted him and he replied 'who's number is this?' stunned kejap. decade friend dont have my number. EMO maxx. haha!. kidding laah. i dont know what to reply. i have so many names. so my reply was 'Winnie laa.. uhm. Yinli. uhm bear. whoaa i have so many names.'

the reason why i stunned kejap cuz i have so many names i'm not too sure which name he's more familiar with.

decade friends: Winnie, Yinli, bear.
high school friends: Yinli
uni friends: Winnie or some uses Yinli. the closer ones uses MaoMao. dont get me started with why that name. 
since my bestf's name is also Winnee, in class I'm small Winnie. pasal i younger. :P. the drinking people uses 'Ah Chew', to differentiate.

why bear. cuz i'm as adorable as winnie the pooh. HAHA. aiyohhh. how not to relate Winnie and winnie the pooh?? thus bear. not to mention the honey and salmon jokes. mann i love my decade friends.

soo.. what have i been up to?

lately. i've been GOING OUT. ((: damn happy kay.
there's ninja joe date and dinner with the Khors' which photos are not up yet.
then there's dinner with boyf's friends also my sister's friends. connection yang not very panjang but panjang enough to confuse. at least that's what i think.

courtesy of smashpop.

then it's Wei Zhi's big 21st birthday!. 

courtesy of Chee Hoe
happy 21st birthday babe!

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kenwooi said...

people call me ken.. no other names =P