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Sunday, May 2, 2010

of oil and diesel.

remember this?? from the previous post?

it's not pee. 


in conjunction with

note: turned 21 on the 21st of april.

ze birthday boy. (:

the oil was. the surprise. it's sorta like a "tradition". 
somehow. life in Kampar. away from our families and growing up friends
we make an effort to celebrate each and everyone of our group a memorable one. 
eg: yeekiat's cake smashing around the house.
xishun and winnee's tie pole.

latest trend it to tie the birthday person onto a pole. 
BUT. for chiahui. exception. cuz he's just tooooooo NICE. (: great guy indeed. 
he's taken btw. 

soo.. for his birthday.
there wasn't cake smashing or pole tying. 
instead. it was USED cooking oil, root beer, a tid bit of cake. and
gross much.
they had a hard time cleaning it.

manage to gather THIS much people within TWO hours. 
after much story creating 
it's not easy to con him la weih. cuz it's already expected.

THIS group of poeple. 
realise he's not inside? that's the whole point of it.

his classmates.

the whole group of us. 777 plus a few extended ones.
didn't manage to have a proper group photo cuz hahaa. 
yeekiat keep attempting to pull down chia hui's shorts. pervert-ISH people. *shake head*

ANYHOW. there is a need of a proper birthday dinner. 
so we headed to dong hoi for dinner. all dressed up. 

prolly you're wondering why dress up? it's only dong hoi, and it's only Kampar. 
well. we find a reason to dress up and look good once in a while. (:


all 12 of us. (: 

'birthday' noodle.

fried uhm. hahaha. idk what vegetable. 

salad prawn. YUMMY!!. 
the waiter said he gave extra. how nice of them.

tofu something something.

pork ribs.

sweet and sour fish.

fried sotong with chilli and salt.

the guys. 

am super loving this version. 

the girls and ze bday boy.



special thanks to Filly for contacting their classmates and every member of 777 
NOT FORGETTING. everyone else who made it all a success. 

hope you had a great 21st. 

lotsa love, 
from all of us.

note: photo credits to Shirley. (for those without blogname)


kenwooi said...

so big group.. must be lots of fun =)

erwinator said...

lots of food.... :-d mmmm. lol!