hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

semester two. year two.

my BIG BIG face to start with. :D


it's already 2nd day of classes. BUT i have no class today. :D
my off day is on tuesday. such a turn off. was spending the whole day watching satc.
imagine it on monday or friday. then i can go home on thursday after class and be back on sunday. OR go home on friday/ saturday and be back on monday.

stooopid timetable..

monday 1-3pm, 3.30-5pm
tuesday NO CLASSS.. =.='''
wednesday 3-6pm
thursday 8-9.30am, 11-2pm
friday 6-8pm!!

who puts class at 6-8pm on a friday evening.?? whole day no class and then pop. a miserable two hours.

still. have to bare with it. only two subjects this sem and assignment is already starting to pile up.
risk management and pengajian malaysia

short semester. so time passes really really fast..

NOTE: the following photos.. i'm testing out my 5.0mp cyber-shot phone camera.. (:

received a text from kaishan super random!. cuz we rarely text unless there's outing. haha.
so he said he's gonna drop by at night..

sooo.. i went downstairs when he came.
he passed me a paperbag.
'kent sent me'..

inside it..

:D new purse.. just what i needed.
white samore!.

nice pretty decent. (: thank you kent. and shan for the delivery.

ini. moninnee. me love me bestfriends.
we were bored during the 1st lecture class.

next up: souvenir from boyf. (:

guess what's inside.. *tsk tsk* >.<

pretty pink crystal-like angel. *loves*

*more angel*

thank you baby. jangan emo edi lerr. xoxo

now the story. of white. i have a liking for white things thou it gets dirty fast. but but it's pretty!!. i also love black. and pink. and purple. and blue. and green. and haha. all the colors.
my c901 doesnt come in white. ): soo black. much classier.

oh and yea. i'm back in kampar. ini sangat important.

joes jangan emo laa kayy. i'mma be back sooon. then can meet up. OR you can come to kampar laaa.

andy from handlewithcare needs backup singers. or 'choir girls' says him. sooo whoever's interested lemme know kayy.

that's all for now.. stay tune for moreeeeee.....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

random.. :D

i'm always being stalked. >:(

my super swollen eyes.
CRM lecture class puts me to sleep.
itu feli look lagi teruk.

the furthest i went today was

the front gate of my house.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


remember utada hikaru's first love (click)?

now now there's a new one!.

come back to me (click)

the 1st time listening to 'come back to me'. i thought it was MARIAH CAREY!!.
no offence but it really sounded very Mariah Carey-ish..

still it's niceeeee!! *love love*

oh oh. samore..

the current HIT song.
sorry sorry - super junior (click)

really addictive. finee. gotta admit i'm a lil outdated.
but the tune is real catchy and me loveee!. :D
and the choreography is nice.

next will definitely be
colbie cailat's fallin for you (click)

backstreet boy's new song is nice as well.

oh oh..
khalil fong!! (:
another version of faye wong's red bean. (click)
also nothing's gonna change my love for you. (click)

enough of favourites for the moment..

beyonce concert anyone? :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


like super duper bored.

i'm thinking..
super random but yea. musicals, orchestra, shows, opera.
*getting back in touch with my musical side*


sorry besties i cant go to malacca.
cheehoe and kaishan. hehe. sorry i cant join the penang-langkawi trip.

lepas tu..
i dont know what i'mma do..

prolly going to see them if theres someone to teman me..
thursday 8pm mardi, 1u.
any takers? *bigwateryeyes*
note to andy: publicity!!!.

i'm hungry.

and i have nothing to do.

satc. i'mma continue. :D

Friday, October 2, 2009


gossip girl is back. :D

i'm happy. (:


double the happiness.

he's coming back soon.

even happier!.

there's more to celebrate.


soooo.. who else wanna date me? HAHAHA. you have TWO weeks time. (:

ohhh. something really random. i found my liking for dresses. :D

in the mean time.