hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


i've abandonned my blog long enough. hee.
been BUSY with assignments, midterms and procrastination. yup. procrastination
sides. my MSN dieded. so i wont be going online anytime sooner.
anything just text or mail or skype me!. (: my skype's working. thank god!.

i've been up to nothing much. just classes and peoples. exactly the things i need to keep my mind off stuffs. *grins*

lately alot happenned. many things changed. mostly to the not so nice side. honestly. i have no idea why izit happenning. probably i said something wrong and didnt realise it. i guess things just change. *shrugs*
let it be.. let it be..
maybe that's the worst thing to do but i dont know what to do. so for the moment. just leave it to fate and time.

a smile is a frown turned upside down.
cheer up folks!.

ON THE OTHER HAND.. *puts on the cheer face* imisscheer. ):
happy notes!.

shuei lin's 20th birthday at pizza hut. kampar of course.
i curi-ed my fren's DSLR. photos didnt turn out to be very nice. not skillful enough i admit.

the couple. *pang and shuei lin*

group photo!. don't hav to spot me cuz i'm not in.


grace, shirley, shuei lin and i. just like foundation times.

NEXT UP: hot, obscenic, candid photos. (:

grace. candid but still hot.

and again.

another one..

darling winnee and grace. camera shy. awww...

this is outta the title but. nvm laa.

*KC, pang and shuei lin*

grace TAN. sniffing the piggy's butt.

darling shirley. modeling in practice.

all-girls' group photo.

damn CMI lor.. to seduce or not. lol.

camera shy? yea rite.. *john and grace*

it wasn't as wrong as it seems.

poser babe. (:

she's good at the 'killer' look.

um. somehow quite nice lor. hee.

rape attempt. failed definately.

convincing. i think.

girls will always be girls. (:

get well soon hun. *hugs*

lastly. my happy face!.

cuz i'm in love.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it runs in the family

remember this?

this is my brother. when i told him the weather was hot.

THIS. is my sister. when i told her it rained here. and she was asking bout my PM. on msn.

anne says:
r u ok? mentally broke down?
anne says:
need book room at tanjung rambutan?
yinli says:
haha dun need laa. jeez.
yinli says:
go work laa you.
anne says:


haven spoken to daddy but he probably will say almost the same thing.


sara huney, this is for you.

see. guys fly!. (: have fun babe!.

psst: ask him to join laaa. fun weih.

Friday, February 13, 2009

prom post

all you gorgeous people out there...

UTAR prom night
theme: oscar night
venue: heritage hall, UTAR, Kampar
date: 12th february 2009.

it's a thursday. dont ask me why. because i dont know. (:
oh incase you're wondering how much. it's 15 bucks. FIFTEEN.
overall. the prom was okay laa.

felicia and i.

besties. (: winnee and i.

group photo. fatfat..

michael and winnee. his vocals. omg. (:

i forgotten his name. but he has really good vocals.



*drum rolls..*




*drum rolls*


comment all you want laa. (:

she's really hot.
see!. we look for hot guys. and GIRLS for photos.

that's all folks.
more photos will be posted up when i get the photos.
so patience laa.

ooh. i just realise i dont have a photo with shirley!. boohoo.

BTW. i'm having midterms on
14th (QT II)
21st (economics)
28th (marketing)
7th (management)
14th (QT II)

i'll be stranded here for a month. even if i am going back, it'll be a rush. or only for dental (braces punya pasal)



me. (:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

you're so cute, terrence

i'm back in kampar. (: and i'm unwell. which explains part of my PM. speechless. mom thought i have no voice. lol. yes my mom uses msn. so now i pray hard hard she dont read my blog. haha.

met kaishan at management office last week and he was telling me bout a friend whom he haven't been keeping in touch with texted him out of the blue. which reminded me.

i too received calls from people i seldom talk to after coming to kampar. and i have to appologize. hee. cuz when you call i was still in kampar. and when i was back didnt hav time to meet up cuz cny maa. was going around.

jing chen. you called on the day i was going back pj. tapi sorry. i couldn't make it.
hong yee. i was at my aunts place. sides you have places to go lah. lol.
jian yau. (you need a cheerful colour) dont emo lahhh. haha. wrong timing. i was going out to see my lil babies. hehe.

now.. my lil babies. teresa and terrence. *refering to the title*

soo adorable. i only see them once a year.


and another one.

the siblings. and MY mom.

hehe. i finished it. (: eiyerr. cny mahh. wont die wan. hehe.

i know it's valentines this saturday. and i have midterms. and i dont have a date.

boy.. this is sooo fun. and i'm looking forward to it.



tuning to: speechless- the veronicas

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


thou chinese new year was really short for me this year. suppose to be only 2days but haha. i skipped class. so a week.

still i manage to go taiping and sitiawan, to meet up with few friends and went to see this..


the cow with two front tooth in dong zen temple.

the fishes in lumbini garden.

jump shot!. (: no one mah. cuz we choose a non-peak hour to be there.

retard and i. and nemo.

mommy daddy me and kuan yin.

i'm born in the year of horse.

daddy and i. and the very cute cow.

i guess the oranges represents the other grandchildrens overseas.

after few rounds of chor di and vodka.

and to end it all.
i'm cute i know. more food!.
i'll upload more when i recieve the photos. it's all over the placeee.
so till then
enjoy yourself!.