hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


it's great meeting up with old friends. whom i lost contact of. ehe.

celine came back from aussie. (: still as chubby as ever. it runs in the chew family.

S-H-E-R-E-E-N.. lol. inside joke..

calvin chin kok leong! remember ur promise. 25 hours!.

the randomest of all. i met kenderick near temple. sooo unexpected.

kenderick me

you look different.
uh. yea mehh..
the braces and..?
yea. i just decided to go for another change.
soo.. hows amanda?
*stares at him with the weird eye stare*
amanda who?
*stared back at me and smile. *
oh.. owhhh.. that amanda... uh.. dunoo.

um you may not understand. eh min. recall anything? jing was laughing when i told him bout that.

oh and jing!. (: hello..
i had a great time. thanks weih.

XIANNIE... whens our turn?

oh boy.. december... you're fast.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

there's always the need to change..

i just did something outta my mind, totally unexpected.

so if you happen to see me, dont go

'OMG. what happen to you.'
but well i'll be glad to hear that.

nothing happened to me seriously. (:

AND. i just realised. it sorta became a ritual. hmmm..


HELLO YOEI. i saw you yesterday. not that i stalked you. but i always seem to see you behind the steering wheel. (:

happy birthday kenderick. and also CK me kampar housemate.

oh yea. BUDAK!. your last shot tmr. honestly drink those energy gel or power bar or whatever it is allen gave you. and win something laa aiyo. good luck!

i'm praying you get the contract from that diving pool 20 feet underwater photoshot dad told us. lol.

am addicted to :
i hate this part - the pussycat dolls
untouched - the veronicas

Friday, November 21, 2008

ahhhhhhhhh. !!!!

tell me how bad could a day-off from work been and i'll tell you mine. (:
it was initially nicely perfectly planned.
-shall we start with being ffk-ed last minute thou i was already at where i'm suppose to be... so headed home instead.
could have go to work but was totally not in the mood.

-being in pain. cramps i mean.
-nightmare? or should i say noonmare? cuz it was a nap.
-feeling guilty. having to tell her i cant make it for her party again due to long planned events.
-baking cakes at 9pm!.
-cooking tuna at 10.30pm.
-chores at 11pm.

unless you consider those listed above categorise under 'what you did perfect day off'.

i had a screwed up day.

so bye.

ps: the veronicas are sooo addictive.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i've been M-I-S-S-I-N-G. for a week. heh. been busy. okay that's a lie. no idea what to update. that's also a fake. i'm just lazy to update. heh.

lets see. for the pass two weeks was work and temple meeting as camp is 2 weeks away.
BUT i manage to squeeze in a trip to taiping. *loves* to pick grandma. so. 'on the way' daddy and i went to eat at this coffee shop named 'kakak'. their kuey tiao soup is gooooood. it's a one day trip. so yea that's the best part..



hmm it's still very bery fery long till my 19th. yes i'm 18 la mangoo... but still. on time for christmas. (: donnie goes on a diet for christmas. hmm cool eh.

HTC touch pro. omg.. gorgeous!!. totally love at first sight. it comes with a very pretty price tag. ):

i already have this. it's sooooo adorable.

i've been doing some alot of shopping. like today. i was stranded in damansara utama.
for like 1 and a half hour. thank you traffic jam. i just lurveee you.. NOT.

dad was stuck at shah alam padini as he had presentation. i think i'm eligible to be his PA. heh.
mom was sending the brat for training and also to pick up my sis. sooo. coincidently.. DU has many many boutiques..

so i pergi ber WINDOW SHOPPING. walking into almost every boutique. being a bitch messing up the clothes. correction: it wasnt messed up cuz it's hanged. i browsed thru laaa.. try try try but didnt buy. heh.. you dont have to know. *grins*

soo.. an update. *claps*

all the best to SPM-ers and STPM-ers!.

get well soon. (:

Monday, November 10, 2008

this is a late late post. i mean LATE.

happy belated birthday


i doubt you're gonna read this but oh well. happy birthday hun!. i know you had a great one. with what your parents are best at. surprises. (:
anyway. i miss you babe. take care! happy 19th.
ps: we needa meet up.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


mom was digging all her cookbooks out to see what should she do this weekend. then out of the BLUE..

mom me

girl ar.. you very long didnt do marshmellow ade hor..
laughoutloud.. yea.. whyy?
come lets try to do again this saturday..
um.. see 1st ler.. i may got things to do leh.

okay okay. before you start being surprise of me knowing how to make marshmellow..


i tried making it twice! long looong time ago. eh. got recipe wan laaaa..
failed miserably the 1st time and it ended up i forgotten looked like what.
the 2nd try was a failure too cuz it's too sweet.
and there were no more tries after that. eheh..

so marshmellows.. (: yummm...

Monday, November 3, 2008

i was reading some of those emails i received sometime back.. and saw something regarding horoscopes.. and i read this!. okay it's about libra. (: after reading it i was like. whoaa....

Nice to everyone they meet. hmmmm (:
Can't make up their mind. like totally...
Have own unique appeal. maybe?
Creative, energetic, and very social. 1st and 3rd maybe not. but 2nd one. sometimes
Hates to be alone. partially true.
Peaceful, generous. may consider myself that.
Very loving and beautiful. hahaha!.
Flirtatious. possiblee. tak tauuu.
Give in too easily. eheh.
Procrastinators. yes yes yes
Very gullible. *nods*


i took a half day off work. wasnt feeling well after a long day at sentul and having not enough sleep. and then..
obviously made full use of my half day off. by sleeping and watching MAMAMIA!. like finally.. it's awesome!. *loves*

aiyohh. another working day. sooo luh-ay-see.... but i need muhnayy... so work it is. heh.
note to self: stop procrastinating lahhh.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


for once.. please. decide and not change the date the location. it's annoying.. screwed up my nicely planned weekend. boo.

i feel much better now.. ignore whatever i said up there.. hee.

so wondering how my days have been?

it's work. so quite stress laa. i never really liked my work anyway.. keep dozing off. hee.
alex, my colleague was like

' eh boring laa'
' eh lend ur axcess card.'
' eh how many calls you made?'

but i've always hate mondays and love fridays.
so on fridays.. the motto is TGIF.
on monday.. it's oh no.. it's monday.

then thenn.. i didnt become someone's scape goat. i had a great night..
kent picked me up with yiling in the car, off we went to shan's pub father's pub.
drink and bla bla bla.. the guys played bluff. hee.
thanks shan. (:

i'm lovin it..