hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Friday, July 31, 2009


this is babi tcy. (:

happy birthday!!. old liao laahh.
fast fast go get together with jessica lahh.
she looks nice.

*guess his age! tapi no reward for correct guesses kay.. ^^

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


there's no class today!. (:
ehh. not no class..
mommy say, H1N1. must self quarantine!. LOL!.

seriously. there's no class lahh. cuz tutor canceled tutorial and that lecture class never fails to put you in dreamland. so yea. self declared holiday. how fun. haha!.

just came back from ipoh. teman darling winnee for checkup. heart her much much!.
and also the other babis!. (:

last sunday was awesome!.
cuz we went for dimsum. see!. this is what i call shun you. XD.
6.15am left kampar to ipoh for dimsum. everyone looked like dead fish then cuz all still asleep. haha!.
later that day was winnee's place for high tea!. she made us french toast. thank you darling!.
then then.. we went to the park at harvard.

there's yale, manchester, tsing hua, oxford and havard in kampar. SO.. what's next? lol.

been hangging out alot with these shun yous and babis lately. and they rock my world!. (:

going back this weekend. because no one wanna teman mommy to her company's family day. *i'm soo awesome* haha.
sunway lagoon!!. dumdeedum~

ooh. one more thing. congrats to the couple. (:


hocus pocus.
i shall focus.
on assignment and presentation slides.

i want clear blue skies and pretty clouds
i want you to be back soon
i miss you

Monday, July 20, 2009

monday blues...

刚刚在看学警狙击, 突然想起在sheffield的男朋友..




加上最近上不到网,聊天的机会本来就很少, 现在显得更寥寥无几

Assignment due date 快到了, 没法子做功课

Bo bian ..

谁叫modem 突然作怪

Management 的处理方式又很不efficient..

只好上楼上借用.. 习惯就好啦..



因为没得上网, 读书时间多了

*Evil grin* 男友看了一定会骂

最近跟了一班‘损友’muahahaha.. 别担心.. 我没变坏..


自称777.. Definitionfoundation tutorial group 7 THEN..


去年还特地下吉隆坡给leslie LOW 生日惊喜



Have a blast!.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

what a sunny dayy...

i have soo much to blog about. but i dont know where to start with..


first thing first..
the internet line in my room is down. so lately i've been stealing from upstairs. (:

my midterms are finally over. all is left now is assignments which 2 of it dues this week and another 2 next.

lepas tu..
ohhh.. harry potterrr.. uh.. blehh..
and that cinema.. sucks..
i miss 1u's gsc.. =/
going home next week!. QI's family day. so yea..

happy birthday grandma. sorry i cant be back. mid terms laa.. oh well. you guys had an awesome reunion i know. ):

i didnt mention i had a haircut kan?
well yes i did.
i look like china doll now.
but it's pinned up. cuz cuz i look soooooo weird..

i am being very very unproductive today.. besides badminton an a lil touch up on english assignment and and catch up a lil with my family. not forgetting the boyf too. havent talked to him for sometime since internet when cookoo.

hmm i just found out something.... :D dumdeedumdum~

oh welll. signing out.. toodles..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

lets play a game!.






spot the difference?

looks more like
'how many times i've changed my hairstyle. '

byebyebraceysmile. (:

Friday, July 10, 2009

it a birthday post!.



soo cute!!.

you're old. but still young at heart laahhh babi.
now we have similar hair styles. haha!. i went for a haircut. so guess lahh. (:

wonder why it's happy birthday HO instead of grace?
cuz i call her ho~. in short for HONEY.
and she calls me ney~
ho+ney = honey..
so honey lor!.

my dear gracey.
thanks for being there.
thanks for listening.
thanks for everything.
sorry for troubling you often. *blush*
all the best in everything!.

hope you liked the surprise and had a great night!.

i heart you babi gracey.

at the sametime.
happy 21st kelvin hun. have a blast there!.
congrats on another step closer to being a pilot!. (:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

my lips like shugar~

helllooooo. (:

long time no update huh..
i went photo stealing. AGAIN!. hehe..
cuz cuz i'm lazy to edit the photos..

you'll see alof of me. hehe. cuz cuz i know you all miss seeing me.
i am sooo cute!.

*high perasan level*

tcy, me, grace and shi rong. with our strawberry ice sticks. yumms~

our bodyguards. macho kan?

us all!. (: only grace and i weren't in black.

us fooling around while waiting for our turn to bath.
itu titun binti abu. XD

group photos!. (: me fav.

car buddies. hehe.

my ice cream and me!. kiwi & strawberry. passion fruit taste much better nehh... but but it's much much sweeter.

it's special cuz it's a vertical line..

sun-shine. and kelefehs.

me loves!. *kisses

sending leslie off at the ktm..
we heart you low yow chung..

i had an awesome trip.. thanks guys. it was really fun and memorable..
we're gonna be alright.
all of us as a group. 777.

i didnt regret choosing them over highschool friends.
the reasons are more of p&c..
glad it's all good now.

to high school buddies..
so sorry.. you guys had to be opportunity cost..
i'll make it up to you all!. (:

chia hui!. thanks for the dinner.
the honourable chef. slurps.
and also his sidekicks..
babi shirley, babi gracey and titun.. and babi winnee and.. everyone laa. (:

a dinner for 12.

i heart them.

i'm going home this weekend!.
(banana dance)

on a random note...

i wonder when... hmmm..

woot!. CRM and EAP midterms over ddi.
3 more midterms and assignment deadlines coming soon..

all ze best to meself and everyone!.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


i like today.

the weather's perfect. not too hot not too wet.
but it's gloomy now.
oh well.

i'm starting to love my afternoon naps.
but for today it was a morning nap.
class was at 8-10am. lepas tu. not well so after class. terus sleep.

the boyf surprised me last night for online-ing. totally didnt expect him cuz it's 4something in the afternoon and normally he's still in uni or taking a nap. (: tapi i was too tired to stay up so had to stop chatting at 1am m'sia time.

i miss home.
that night IM-ed mommy to tell her i got sore throat.
and to tell her i got the herbal eggs and donuts.
also have to thank wan kien for delivering it and also aaron!. cuz he drove. haha.
mommy misses me.
cuz keep asking when i'm coming back. hehe..

ohh. xian, wan kien has a boyf. aaron. (: they look really sweet.

i had two cameron trips to choose from.. and going with hong yee, yiling, rayner and the rest has to be the opportunity cost.
cuz mommy miss me and grandma too! sides. i need to visit the dentist.
but but. i'll make it up!. *hugs*

i'm updating cuz i'm doing everything as long as i dun needa do assignment and study.
midterms and deadlines soon.

i'm procrastinating alot.
so not proud of it.

on a random note:
i heart my 3 babis. (:
*refers to the previous post*

oohh. watch this!.

yes. it's queen B. Blair waldorf of gossip girl!.