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i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new year.

yes. it's new year. and yes i'm at home. wondering why? oh well. simple. there was a bbq party at my house just bout 3 hours ago. it's just a family reunion thing. n yes. i'm sick. on new year eve. i was in a puking mode after washing up. my cousins are downstairs. i'm in my room. getting some peace n quite. my sister went countdown. since she couldn't get out for d past few days. i decided 2 skip this year's countdown. no photos as i was tired after preparing food n entertaining people

i'm partying alone in my room. on air-cond. blast radio. drinking. n writting this. if i'm not sick. i will b downstairs entertaining those small kidos. no offence but they ARE irritating. oh well. i get peace in my room. =) n since i'm sick. wasn't allowed to drink actually. still.. took just a little. hehe. supposingly there's vodka. but on second thought. those kids are just too young .. haha. they were BANNED from drinking. haha.. but a small sip wont harm them. at least.. i think.

oh and i have this ulcer in my mouth. it's huge. caused by.. braces. urgh.. i've been eating in the weirdest way ever.. eating durian with spoon. n eating hot dog.. with knife and fork. haha.. but now i can eat normally.. but there's always food stuck between those brackets. urgh.

one thing i like bout new year.. shopping. yea mann. went 1u yesterday and today. n tomorrow which is new year day. duno where i'm going to shop. hehe.. since there's no college or school for me.. i stil can set my alarm at 8am.. n eventually wake up at 9 or sometimes 10.

2007 new year resolution: have fun and enjoy life. =)
have a better time management.
find a guy.
discover better eating ways.

thats all for the last day of the year. happy new year everyone.!

Friday, December 29, 2006


yes people. it's my first day n first time working. in an office. my dad's office. 1 day only fortunately. haha. but i still get paid.. =) hehe. all i did was sit at the desk.. wait for phone calls. solve sudoku. play solitaire n freecell. send a fax. read magazine. thats all!.. n i get paid! :D

i found out something funny. my dad's staffs comes in later than him, leaves earlier than him. lunch time more than an hour.. what 2 do.. traffic!. smart people.. go 1u for lunch.. haha ok then.. my mom called the office 2 see if i can do my job nicely.. but still.. hehe.

i read this in the magazine.. secret : man hates - straightened hair.. is this true guys?? i so dont actually see that.. but haha.. the magazine said that.. oh and man hates lipstick n lip gloss.. true or not.. only you guys know. =)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas day. =)

merry christmas everyone.. i know it's d 26th dec today but still.. hehe. didn't online last night marh. oh well.. i was home 3 quarter of d day..

ms.X* suppose to come my house at 2pm to bake bday cake.. n bcuz it's xmas day.. d traffic in 1u is like bad.. ms.X turned up 2 hours later.. lolx. but i dun blame her.. haha. we got everything done at bout 6 pm which includes all the washing n cleaning. ms.X was kinda jakun as it was her first time. haha.

went rachel's house for party. we played a prank on jovy as it was his birthday!.. happy bday jovy!. jovy cried after we all revealed the prank. lolx. we all had fun..

there's no photos bout d party yet.. will update later.. =)

for those that wanna see the same old but brand new me..

sian hoo n i. dxy office.

we were fooling around. *tee hee*

Saturday, December 23, 2006

beautifully braced.. so NOT..

ok peeps. it's my braces day yesterday. just that i was too tired 2 blog bout it yest. anyway.
putting that braces on actually.. isn't that bad.. at least it wasn't as painful as i expected. but i have 2 say sorry to mr.J.. that self proclaim founder of this blog. lolx. just joking. =) it is not so that adorable like before.. haha. mayb that's cuz it's not judged yet. lolx.

after dentist went temple. i din noe that they were thaving relief efort for d flood victims in d southern area. dun blame me.. i wasn't there since i forgotten when.. hehe. so. during lunch, i was hungry.. n there was porridge. so i eat lar.. hungry wert.. d others saw me eating n all of them was like.. oO.. yinli is eating.. lolx. geez. after prayers.. we carried stuffs from lower ground floor 2 d lorry. really tiring. but it was fun. photos can be viewed here.

after that.. i went yamcha wid the bunch of peeps in williams.. rachel, kheng wei, yein mun, kaishan, hong yee, kye li, amanda, jovy, julian n tiang. it was suppose 2 b 730pm. kaishan was right.. people start arriving at 8. haha. it's fun for me after so long finnaly able 2 go out again.. after missing d ou outing n d genting outing.

my breakfast = tou fu fa.. which my parents specialy buy 4 me. because we all claimed it as baby food!. for once after so long.. i get 2 sleep till 10.. yay! i feel really uncomfortable with braced. so not used 2 it.. but i kinda like listening 2 the comments people gives.. haha.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

bad day i say.

that's us again. 1 am in schol. haha.

the bunch of us.

peeps.. read this.. BAD DAY...
woke up at 650am = skol day.. just to do laundry... omg!!! it's like holiday now.. then accompany mom to hospital all the way in sungai buloh.. that hospital.. toilet. clean!. service.. hmm.. not too bad.. but i HATE waiting.. took us half n hour nearly 45 minutes just 2 take an x-ray. n another 20 minutes to collect that piece of x-ray. geez.

so then. reach home bout 12 after lunch. lets see.. wanted 2 watch tv.. BUT.. was told 2 accompany my brother n help him wash d car porch.. it's like wth!!. he's a guy.. n it was god damn hot.. noon weih.

after that. music class.. suppose 2 have diner some other place as i cant eat tmr.. but.. my mom cooked dinner..n it wasn't my fav. all i took was vegetable. n 1 small peice of chicken.

one more thing.. braces day tomorrow.. eek!!! everyone planned something tomorrow n i can barely attend. d sunway lagoon thing. d prayers 4 flood victim thing. n the list goes on.. but i'll still b going yamcha wid d group.. *teehee*. who cares bout that dum dum braces.. geez.. i've already missed out quite a number of gatherings.. sobs.. sorry guyz.. but i still love u all thou.. hugz.~

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i need a better life.

i need a better life.. hmm.. get the hint people??
lets see.. what i did today.
  • wake up
  • do laundry
  • watch sharkboy and lavagirl
  • sleep
  • solve sudoku
  • sms
  • watch tv but was shooed away again by my bro .. stupid fool
  • dinner

look like someone that has no life huh.? i have another 3 full basket loads of laundry since we came back from langkawi. geez. well. the credit all goes to the weather. since there's been no sun. i thought i can finish that 4days 3 nights laundry in 2 days time.. turns out to be.. *ahem* i duno how long. and damn it.. i forgotten bout my mom's birthday.. my dad, sis n i planned something but all of us eventually forgotten. bad huh? tell me bout it.. but we got mama a cake today. *tee hee* my hands r still swollen. i'm like rubbing it d whole time n writting these.

to all dxy peeps.. u know who u are.. tsk tsk..

congrats!. the performance was great. thou i wasnt there. hehe. celebration party anyone? love ya all.. hugz.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

adore-able-ly swollen

that umbrealla. mini.


my dad = paparazi

island hopping. =)

my sis n i. =)

hey peeps. welcome 2 my first blog. so. since i just came back from langkawi, guess i should write bout it. =) i noe it's odd veiwing photos before reading it. hehe. something diff mayb?

1st day. 15th dec 2006.

left house at 12. arrive klia check in n left for langkawi at 245pm.arrive there bout 350pm. guess what. that was my first time on plane. unbelievable? believe it. =) the coach was there waiting. arrive at hotel bout 4 plus. bumpy ride. eek.! parents n bro , my sis n i. teehee. my room was better than my parents - more canggih hair dryer, better toilet seat, super cold room. haha. went for a walk in the beach. then dinner. then rest n relax. cant sleep d first day but my sis slept early.

2nd day. 16 dec 2006.

breakfast in hotel. went island hopping. met few girls there. we were havin loads of fun. unexpectedly. i got SEA SICK n ong. CAR SICK. except that i din throw up. back to hotel. here comes the car. yea mann. went cable car. scenery = wow. then went pasar malam n shopping! slept bout 12 cuz was tired. my sis slept at i duno what time. she ws receiving phone calls. loads of it. lolx.

3rd day. 17 dec 2006.

breakfast. n round island tour. then went gunung raya. geez. the scenery there was superb.!
after that went hot spring. n seven well. i so love the scenery there. at night my sis n i went 2 see stars. =) then we went drink wine that we bought earlier. as a result of my smartness.. i got a pair of adore-able-ly swollen finger n palm. drank 2 cups of diff flavoured 'kampai' n FEW cups of fruit wine. i thought d alcohol level was 6% but my mom told me it actually 14%.. omg!.. thank god i wasn't drunk. just felt really hot. teehee.

last day. 18 dec 2006.

went shopping after breakfast. then pack n shop again. left langkawi at 6.30pm. reach home at 9 pm. it was really fun there. oh n i realise something. my dad plays with his food. haha.