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Thursday, December 21, 2006

bad day i say.

that's us again. 1 am in schol. haha.

the bunch of us.

peeps.. read this.. BAD DAY...
woke up at 650am = skol day.. just to do laundry... omg!!! it's like holiday now.. then accompany mom to hospital all the way in sungai buloh.. that hospital.. toilet. clean!. service.. hmm.. not too bad.. but i HATE waiting.. took us half n hour nearly 45 minutes just 2 take an x-ray. n another 20 minutes to collect that piece of x-ray. geez.

so then. reach home bout 12 after lunch. lets see.. wanted 2 watch tv.. BUT.. was told 2 accompany my brother n help him wash d car porch.. it's like wth!!. he's a guy.. n it was god damn hot.. noon weih.

after that. music class.. suppose 2 have diner some other place as i cant eat tmr.. but.. my mom cooked dinner..n it wasn't my fav. all i took was vegetable. n 1 small peice of chicken.

one more thing.. braces day tomorrow.. eek!!! everyone planned something tomorrow n i can barely attend. d sunway lagoon thing. d prayers 4 flood victim thing. n the list goes on.. but i'll still b going yamcha wid d group.. *teehee*. who cares bout that dum dum braces.. geez.. i've already missed out quite a number of gatherings.. sobs.. sorry guyz.. but i still love u all thou.. hugz.~


tansianhoo said...

smile for me tmr.
im sure u as pretty as bi4
no worries

shan said...

2molo yum cha that time we eat all the good food k? lol