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Saturday, December 23, 2006

beautifully braced.. so NOT..

ok peeps. it's my braces day yesterday. just that i was too tired 2 blog bout it yest. anyway.
putting that braces on actually.. isn't that bad.. at least it wasn't as painful as i expected. but i have 2 say sorry to mr.J.. that self proclaim founder of this blog. lolx. just joking. =) it is not so that adorable like before.. haha. mayb that's cuz it's not judged yet. lolx.

after dentist went temple. i din noe that they were thaving relief efort for d flood victims in d southern area. dun blame me.. i wasn't there since i forgotten when.. hehe. so. during lunch, i was hungry.. n there was porridge. so i eat lar.. hungry wert.. d others saw me eating n all of them was like.. oO.. yinli is eating.. lolx. geez. after prayers.. we carried stuffs from lower ground floor 2 d lorry. really tiring. but it was fun. photos can be viewed here.

after that.. i went yamcha wid the bunch of peeps in williams.. rachel, kheng wei, yein mun, kaishan, hong yee, kye li, amanda, jovy, julian n tiang. it was suppose 2 b 730pm. kaishan was right.. people start arriving at 8. haha. it's fun for me after so long finnaly able 2 go out again.. after missing d ou outing n d genting outing.

my breakfast = tou fu fa.. which my parents specialy buy 4 me. because we all claimed it as baby food!. for once after so long.. i get 2 sleep till 10.. yay! i feel really uncomfortable with braced. so not used 2 it.. but i kinda like listening 2 the comments people gives.. haha.


Melissa said...

hey hey hey!!hahaha.You got bloggie edi!!i wanna see your braces la!!wanna know what you look

JeremyChee said...

adorable perhaps?

yinli said...

adorable.. perhaps not jeremy. =)