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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


note: this is a RANT post. 

I have a paper on Friday. and Saturday. and the following Wednesday. but now. I'm blogging ranting. HELL YEAH. wtf. ahah. This is one of my pre-examination gan jeong-ness. It's gonna be the same phrase over and OVER again. I studied but it is as though I did not. fine  fine it wasn't really studying thou. it was more of read, and read. hopefully something goes inside. && the worst thing is.


and this has to stop now. in order to do so. I must now think positively. I can do well for my examinations.  yeah. I just have to be more confident. but not over confident.

this has definitely got something to do with my coursework marks which was below what I thought I'll get. oh well. probably I didn't meet the requirement. :/ but the marks did affect my motivation to study although it should work the other way no? LOL.

sometimes. I wish I'm blardy smart. like those who don't study yet still can score.

Sheldon. HAHA.


meanwhile. stare at my face. :P

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Balls&All: Dessie

Hello!!. Have you tried the Meatballs from Balls & All blogged about previously? 
if you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

Before introducing the new products from Balls & All, I'd like you to meet Patrick. 

Introducing. FAT PATRICK. this patrick is so so fat. HAHA.
say hi!.  

okay back to the topic. 

headed to Balls and All the other day with the boyfriend to try out the new meatballs, Tofu ball and Dessie. unfortunately, they ran out of Tofu ball the other day when I was there.

here's a picture of Tofu ball I didnt get to taste. ):

we ordered a 8-pieces meatball set. 
(Lamb Balls, Rice Balls and Chicken Balls)
fyi: for 8-pieces set, you can mix the balls.

I mentioned 8-pieces right? but there's only 6 in the picture above. 

here's the other two. 
introducing Dessie
"Made with butternut pumpkin and assorted herbs,
our dessie is coated then baked to perfection"

this is Butternut Pumpkin, one of the various species of pumpkins
Dessie is made from this. 

I'm a pumpkin lover myself so I LOIKE THIS!. sweet pumpkin taste with a blend of pepper and herbs to taste. yumms!. in addition to that, Dessie is coated with Icing Sugar which enhance the sweetness even more. (Y)

the inner view of Dessie. 


don't worry about the balls running out of stock because balls can't run!. 
THEY ROLL!. XD get it? :P 

don't get it? nevermind. (: the boss has already re-stocked the balls so there'll be enough to go around. 

oh. there's news that Balls and All will be introducing Chocolate Mousse Desserts! click 'LIKE' their facebook page to get the updates!! now now don't say I didn't drop hints k. *wink

Balls and All 
(right next to HQ Bookstore, opposite Seng Yip Restaurant)
2290, Jalan Hala Timah 1, 31900 Kampar

friendly reminder: 

if you haven't gotten your Balls and All discount voucher, Contact me!. 
drop me a mail at or facebook
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh December already?

wow!. last post November 25th. and it's December 4th already. okay lah not that long. :P

it's already December of 2010. time sure does flies. really fast samore. HAHA.

Question: How has your year been so far? 
*kindly leave your comments in the comment section at the end of the post. that's if you want to* 

I had one of the nicest way to end the month of November with Photo-shooting, Moral Campaign, and Pre-end of semester dinner with good friends, not forgetting. the boyfriend who came all the way from PJ to Kampar for our 2nd year anniversary. *loves

one of the theme for our class's photo shoot. 
my fav group pic. (: 

a formal one.

yeah. my looks is deceiving. HAHA. 

my group members. 
nice people yo. 

Its been 2 and a half years with this bunch of people. of course there's alot of changes in between everything and we're still close to each other. or at least I think. 
on a brighter note, I'm graduating next May!. provided I pass all my papers laah. *fingers crossed*

I even brought teddy to class on monday. 
Patrick was just to cover my face. HAHA. 
it was moral campaign and my role? 
guess lah. haha. 

so far, it has been a great year with all the ups and downs and ongoings. I have to be thankful for all the awesome peoples around. yet, I'm not gonna mention any names because, you know who you are. (: 

oh the weather really makes me want to sleep. rawr. 


looking forward to go home. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Koh Samui Restaurant, Ipoh

It was after one helluva crazy never before seen only in UTAR,  Pengajian Moral midterm test that we headed to Ipoh. :D 
will show you guys the video once i find it. haha. seriously one helluva test. 

you can read about it here 1st. 

Hung out in Jusco Ipoh as the main purpose of heading to Ipoh is to get graduation photo's outfit. which photos will be revealed in the next post!. mad love. hehe. 

as usual. it's been some time since we hung out and it was fun. omg. laugh die me. it was jokes all the way there and all the way back. banana your papaya, oldtown ni de ayamas. LOL!!

1. Us
Clockwise from left, Xi Shun, Chia Hui, Egg, yours truly, Winnee and Jordan.

2. Koh Samui Restaurant
Jordan suggested to have some Authentic Thai Cuisine instead of the usual taugeh chicken or hawkers food court in Ipoh.

3. Serviette? HEH

4. Fresh Coconut. yumms!!
look at the meat/ flesh or what ever you call it.. 
young and tender. *slurps

5. Fried Pineapple Rice
what's Thai cuisine without pineapple rice?? (:
taste rather normal thou. according to Jordan it's a lil off the usual standard.
but still. it's yumms. cuz we were. or at least i was very hungry.

6. stir fried kai lan.

7. Seafood tomyam
this is yumms. really!!. 
it's not the usual tomyam soup we have.
of course its Thai tomyam their specialty.

8. deep fried fish with thai sauce
crispy on the outside. 

9. total for 6 person. 

there's another squid dish but that photo was kinda blurry. hehe. lack of energy to take nice photos LOL. 

for me, the food there is kinda pricey. BUT. once in a while together and with good company. close both eyes and enjoy. (:* 

Koh Samui Restaurant 
83 & 85, Jalan Raja Ekram, 30450 Ipoh, Perak. Tel No : 605-255 6608. Opens daily from 11.30am-3.00pm, and 6.30pm-10.30pm.

on a separate note to end it: 

10. one ass, 6 focus point? POWER. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fat Spoon Cafe, Damansara Utama

During semester break a month ago, ze boyf suggested to head to Fat Spoon Cafe located in Damansara Utama for lunch. Apparently it's a business started by boyf's sister's friend. in other words, high school senior.

It is a one of its kind cafe with its tagline 'Grandma Recipes + Good Coffee', with a dash of vintage atmosphere and decoration, bliss and memories.

1. PUSH. 
you'll be greeted with this door handle before entering the cafe. 
cute. (: 

2. 'grandma's recipes + good coffee' (Y)

3. MENU!.
yeap the menu. 
I used to have the EXACT SAME BOOK.

4. items on the menu. 

5. Black Board. 
reminds me of the black boards during primary school days.

6. part of the decoration
unique. (: 
not much ppl will think of using pots and pans even food containers as decoration.

7. love the lights. 

now moving on to the food shall we? (;

8. FAT Hot Chocolate
rich chocolate taste in a fat cuppa. yumms.
a must have. 

9. Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup. 
it's a tid bit too spicy for me thou. 
BUT. it's yumms. 
love the tender beef slices. prefect match with the spiciness.

10. another view of Spicy beef macaroni soup. 
*taken from fat spoon facebook page*
tempting eih? :P

11. Moo moo burger
served on a chopping board
it ain't the ordinary beef burger patties.
it is slices of tender beef. 

12. Lastly, 'We are pork free!'
suitable for everyone.

instead of the usual hang out coffee shops, why not try Fat Spoon for a change? 
there's only these few items on the menu that we tried because there was only two of us. 
heard that their 'Perut Ikan Rice', 'Ulam Fried Rice' and 'Flat White' is quite a catch.

affordable prices and vintage ambience, +1!. 

location: 73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
not sure where? ask everyone's bestfriend Google

contact number: 03-7728 3323


*photos credit to Leslie Khor.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

how've you been? + bday shoutout

Few days ago, Monday to be exact, Winnee asked if I want to go for Ah Yong's restaurant thingy i dont know what it is called exactly. but yeah. it's part of his practical throughout his studies in KTAR. so yea. We went together with Chia  Hui and Xi Shun.

We kinda got lost while looking for the restaurant. LOL. And it was our 1st time attending such event.

1. Table Setting

2. Chia Hui

3. Xi Shun

3. Winnee
love the stare. :P

4. Cream of dragon fruits served with garlic bread
it taste soo much like mushroom soup. pizza hut style. 
you can barely taste the existence of dragon fruit.

5. Grilled prawn and fish with Hollandaise sauce and mixed vegetables
somewhat. took us sometime to figure out. 
it taste quite like Otak-Otak. LOL

6. Caesar Salad
they went a lil overboard with the croutons. 
it was too burnt that the taste actually spoil the salad. it tasted bitter. :/ and. ahah. too much cheese. 
too much cheese + mayo = too much saltiness. 

7. Baked chicken Maryland with rice pilaf,saute auburgine,broccoli and cauliflower
The sauce and rice was okay. but. not the chicken maryland. sorry. 

8. some longan dessert. 
didn't get the name properly. *shy
but I was filled to nicely enjoy it.

coffee / tea

cost for the meal = RM 14, 
cost for hanging out with friends = PRICELESS.

Although we're all in the same University, it's been quite sometime since we've met each other. except for Winnee and I laa we're in the same class. 

This happens to high school and primary school friends. How've you guys been? (: Manage to get back in touch with few of you and it felt really good. 

Everyone's been busy with their agendas and we've all grown apart. as for the others. it's been sometime. 

if you're reading this. Lets meet up and hang out sometime k? 

*pardon me for the low quality photos. heh. 

on another note. 

Happy Birthday 
yoyo superstar / future aircraft engineer
Ewin korkor.

9. our friendship page on facebook shows this as our friendship photo.
sad kan? 
ini kerana we tak pernah ambil gambar bersama-sama. 

10. got la. one. 
 group photo haha.

here's a video to show you how geng he is. 


and and. 

big big face. 
so hard to find suitable photo of you laa. 
i curi from facebook. :P
credits to SmashpOp

Happy 22nd birthday!. 
may you sweet sweet with my sister and then i can get angpau.
*hint hint*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Balls and All


The other day Stephanie msn to ask if I was interested to attend a food review on Balls and All. At first I was like. WHATTT?? it sounded kinda wrong lah okay. balls. ROFL.

after she explained what Balls and All is about, without hesitation I said yes. Ask my housemates to accompany me.

Balls and All is NEW in Kampar. Its an Italian fast snack. You must be thinking.

Italian + snack = ??  errrr.. weird?

it's traditional Italian food rolled into a ball shape, so that it can be served quickly and it's easy to carry around  as a snack or a quick meal. how convenient!.

in other words, it's MEATBALLS. delicious tender juicy meat balls. every single meatball served is hand rolled. topped with sauce of your choice. yumms. oh did i mention?  they uses “Italia recipes” to ensure the true italian taste in every single bite. 

1. the menu. 

2. clock wise from top right: 
 Riso Alle Erbe Aglio (Garlic Herb Rice) topped with pepper sauce; 
Parma PollePalle (Parma Chicken Ball)
& Arancini Risotto (Vege Ball) topped with Cheese sauce

personally love this combination. 

3. Aglio Pure di Patate (Garlic Mashed Potato) topped with Pepper Sauce

4. closer look at the Vege Ball. 

5. the inside of Chicken Ball. 
looking good eih?  
*credits to Stephanie

6. Italian Vegetable Soup

7. Polpette di carne di manzo ( Beef Meatballs )
my version of this wasn't nice. haha. *shy

8. Agnello Palle ( Lamb Balls )
another yummy choice. love the rich lamb taste. 

9. Reward Card. 

10. the back of the reward card. 
you'll get a lil man face scribbled every time you visit there. then you'll get a reward. :D
easy peasy. 

Personally, I like the Chicken Balls and the Vege Balls. oh oh top it with CHEESE sauce!!. yumms. 

important note: DO NOT. i repeat. DO NOT. look down on the portion. 

11. Thank you dearies for keeping me company. :D

12. Thank for the invitation, Stephanie.

13. With the oh-so-friendly boss, Aven. 
14. ze location map. 
now now. more reasons to come to Kampar?? :D

for more reviews on this:

PS: get discount vouchers from me. :D just drop me a mail at or leave a message at the comment section.