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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fat Spoon Cafe, Damansara Utama

During semester break a month ago, ze boyf suggested to head to Fat Spoon Cafe located in Damansara Utama for lunch. Apparently it's a business started by boyf's sister's friend. in other words, high school senior.

It is a one of its kind cafe with its tagline 'Grandma Recipes + Good Coffee', with a dash of vintage atmosphere and decoration, bliss and memories.

1. PUSH. 
you'll be greeted with this door handle before entering the cafe. 
cute. (: 

2. 'grandma's recipes + good coffee' (Y)

3. MENU!.
yeap the menu. 
I used to have the EXACT SAME BOOK.

4. items on the menu. 

5. Black Board. 
reminds me of the black boards during primary school days.

6. part of the decoration
unique. (: 
not much ppl will think of using pots and pans even food containers as decoration.

7. love the lights. 

now moving on to the food shall we? (;

8. FAT Hot Chocolate
rich chocolate taste in a fat cuppa. yumms.
a must have. 

9. Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup. 
it's a tid bit too spicy for me thou. 
BUT. it's yumms. 
love the tender beef slices. prefect match with the spiciness.

10. another view of Spicy beef macaroni soup. 
*taken from fat spoon facebook page*
tempting eih? :P

11. Moo moo burger
served on a chopping board
it ain't the ordinary beef burger patties.
it is slices of tender beef. 

12. Lastly, 'We are pork free!'
suitable for everyone.

instead of the usual hang out coffee shops, why not try Fat Spoon for a change? 
there's only these few items on the menu that we tried because there was only two of us. 
heard that their 'Perut Ikan Rice', 'Ulam Fried Rice' and 'Flat White' is quite a catch.

affordable prices and vintage ambience, +1!. 

location: 73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
not sure where? ask everyone's bestfriend Google

contact number: 03-7728 3323


*photos credit to Leslie Khor.


ken said...

the place looks nice, so as the food :)

Calvin Ong said...

such a cute name for a cafe!
Love your photos! NICEEE!

Mike Yip said...

wooooo... didn't know of this place, now want to go check it out. :D

yinli said...

yeap yeap. you guys should go check it out!!. ;)

calvin: if only i'm as artsy as that. LOL.