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Monday, November 8, 2010

backward / forward?

true or false:

 the older you get, the wiser you'll be, the more mature you'll get. thus more emotional?

whoa. i'm updating so randomly. it must be an emo post. rawr.

yeap. it is. even the weather knows i'm emo-ing and decided to have the rain to accompany me. how thoughtful.

the same thing happened again as though it's deja vu spilling it out.

i started tearing the night before and again before leaving home. this time i can't blame examination stress because it's not examination time yet.

there're times when i was young, i wished to be away from home. and now 'wish come true', i don't wanna be away from home. ironic eih? 

i'm afraid of changes but heck that's life. however, it seems like i'm plunging backwards instead of moving forward. 

oh well. another half a year to go and i'm pretty sure i can do it. 

anyhow, i'm glad for a supportive boyf and friends, you know who you are. <3 

i've got to smile like this more often. :D
hint on next post. :P

1 comment:

4 ™ said...

it's normal to have such feeling. even i have this kinna feeling sometimes.

sometimes i think growing up is scary becos we dunno wat will happen in future. Wat if things dun go the way we wan it be? How future would be?

All these uncertainties breed fears. But like u said, this is life, and life is not fun if everything is certain.

We cant control future not even foresee the future. but we can always equip ourselves with better knowledge, better skills, better friends, better family. These things are going to help us weather any storms.