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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello. (: 

its been quite sometime and I secretly think that the blogging era of mine has passed long ago. anyhowwwww.. just a quick update and IF, and I mean IF I do happen to get response from anyone (ads are not counted) requesting to continue, I might consider re start blogging. just a suggestion. 

so. keep the comments coming. 


Redang. Sunrise. love. (: 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today, I felt like crying.

that's the only thing i wanted to blog about. Feeling rather down today. all i wish for now is your companionship BUT. you're occupied. so its alright.

I'm afraid of the future honestly speaking. Everything seems to pass so quickly. soon I'll be graduating and moving on to working life. sis texted me to lemme know she's leaving on the 18th of June. ): which furter added to the already gloomy day of mine.

this feeling is DEFINITELY due to haha spending too much alone time in the room and not studying. blame my awesome study lifespan of 20 minutes.

Islamic Banking midterm tomorrow and I haven't studied much. anxious breakdown. but its just a midterm. don't know why i'm stressed out. bleh.

been addicted to this song lately. heart the meaning behind it.

oh. read a really nice post by missycheerio. very inspiring. (:* click here for the post.

enough whining. back to books.

i miss. comfort food.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

one helluva crazy valentine's

how did you spend valentine's day?

candle light dinner?
receiving a bunch of roses?

when I was younger, valentine's day seems to be something special and requires special preparations. but. as I grow older, valentine's day is just another day. Its been two years, two months and two weeks, my boyfriend, Leslie and I got together. the first two years we decided to just let it be although it occasionally became a 'tantrum-to-throw' topic on my side. HEH. also because to him, valentine's day is just another day. takkan you only love your partner more on valentine's day right??

so this year. valentine's day took a twist.

since its public holiday the next day, boyf decided to come to Kampar, to do the noble job of spending some precious time with his beloved princess - me. *shy. :P

yeap. this came together with him. (:*

it's rather unusual of him to be doing this as I'd complain. gifts on v'days are expensive!! oh well. he still know best that I would rather the money spent on food than gifts. LOL

it's our 1st valentine's together, and two gifts. :D

I however, on the other hand, didn't prepare anything. :(  [read on lahhh..]

instead of an expensive meal over candle dim lights, we had ours by the walkway under the street lamp.

guess where?

if you guessed MAMAK then congrats!.

his 'Risotto ala Daging Merah' and my 'Pasta ala Goreng'

LOL. not having an expensive Italian meal doesn't mean that you can't create your own right. ?? *wink

the gift. music box. *loves

parts of the details i loike!!. 

there were some issues that came up on my graduation trip and boyf stayed to help us solve it. he was suppose to leave after dinner due to next day's a working day. BUT. it took 2 hours to solve the bookings etc etc. it past midnight already and its not nice of me to let him drive back alone. 

since my class is late afternoon the next day, I, volunteer to follow him back to pj then back to kampar alone next morning. LOL. how noble you must be thinking. BUT i dont do these often. must do something in return maaaaah. HEHE. 

minus the rush, everything was awesome. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

things you'd do for love. (:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

best of 2010

2010 has been a good year. with not a quite balanced ups and down. but still. I'm satisfied. how was yours?

we're suppose to look into the future and leave our past behind. however, a lil reminiscing about the year is quite worth it.

Sunflowers always makes me happy. 

this is gonna be a loooong post if I'm gonna post everything. so just bits and pieces.

the beginning of the year is awesome as usual with birthday parties. 

housemates. we've gotten closer already and lovin it. 

1st ever reunion dinner with classmates.

as much as the group as became much smaller, dinner was still awesome. 

dirty birthday parties. <3 

chinese new year family group photo!. love loves.

last day of class group photo. 

Penang trip with shun, chiahui, yeekeat and winnee.

surprise and oh so dirty party which was memorable. 

wesak day. finally back there after being away for so long. 
tons of memories there.

met smashpop and bryan for the 1st time

awesome breakfast. 

haha. we were closest at this time.

went for clinique star tour with Felicia and Xiao Hui. 

Gua Tempurung with boyf and his family. 
there's always the 1st time to everything. and i think i was real brave then. :P

Genting with classmates. 

my birthday dinner with foundation gang. hehe. 

birthday + mid-autumn festival celebration with classmates

met new friends. (:

went to hardrock hotel. 
speaking of. two trips to penang? LOL

loving the concept of this photo. 

yeah its another 1st time. fun indeed. :D

Cameron with high school buddies. 
oh it 1st time AGAIN. LOL. 

graduation photo shoot.

fav photo. (:*

moral campaign.

Xiannie's 21st birthday

there isn't a specific photo throughout the year that I love love it. and of course. there are alot of parts in the year 2010 where the photos are not posted. and it'll remain in my heart. :P 

2010 has alot of fun times. why? I went to two hills within the same month!. twice to cameron and genting, once. went up to Penang twice and once to Johor. I also did things i never thought i'll do. for real!. LOL. there was alot of 1st times too. and i'm glad i'm growing up. but a lil too fast? haha. 

lastly, he is still the loved one. (:

as for 2011. I don't anticipate much. because I've already gotten a preview before. just this time. it's gonna be even longer and harder. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


note: this is a RANT post. 

I have a paper on Friday. and Saturday. and the following Wednesday. but now. I'm blogging ranting. HELL YEAH. wtf. ahah. This is one of my pre-examination gan jeong-ness. It's gonna be the same phrase over and OVER again. I studied but it is as though I did not. fine  fine it wasn't really studying thou. it was more of read, and read. hopefully something goes inside. && the worst thing is.


and this has to stop now. in order to do so. I must now think positively. I can do well for my examinations.  yeah. I just have to be more confident. but not over confident.

this has definitely got something to do with my coursework marks which was below what I thought I'll get. oh well. probably I didn't meet the requirement. :/ but the marks did affect my motivation to study although it should work the other way no? LOL.

sometimes. I wish I'm blardy smart. like those who don't study yet still can score.

Sheldon. HAHA.


meanwhile. stare at my face. :P

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Balls&All: Dessie

Hello!!. Have you tried the Meatballs from Balls & All blogged about previously? 
if you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

Before introducing the new products from Balls & All, I'd like you to meet Patrick. 

Introducing. FAT PATRICK. this patrick is so so fat. HAHA.
say hi!.  

okay back to the topic. 

headed to Balls and All the other day with the boyfriend to try out the new meatballs, Tofu ball and Dessie. unfortunately, they ran out of Tofu ball the other day when I was there.

here's a picture of Tofu ball I didnt get to taste. ):

we ordered a 8-pieces meatball set. 
(Lamb Balls, Rice Balls and Chicken Balls)
fyi: for 8-pieces set, you can mix the balls.

I mentioned 8-pieces right? but there's only 6 in the picture above. 

here's the other two. 
introducing Dessie
"Made with butternut pumpkin and assorted herbs,
our dessie is coated then baked to perfection"

this is Butternut Pumpkin, one of the various species of pumpkins
Dessie is made from this. 

I'm a pumpkin lover myself so I LOIKE THIS!. sweet pumpkin taste with a blend of pepper and herbs to taste. yumms!. in addition to that, Dessie is coated with Icing Sugar which enhance the sweetness even more. (Y)

the inner view of Dessie. 


don't worry about the balls running out of stock because balls can't run!. 
THEY ROLL!. XD get it? :P 

don't get it? nevermind. (: the boss has already re-stocked the balls so there'll be enough to go around. 

oh. there's news that Balls and All will be introducing Chocolate Mousse Desserts! click 'LIKE' their facebook page to get the updates!! now now don't say I didn't drop hints k. *wink

Balls and All 
(right next to HQ Bookstore, opposite Seng Yip Restaurant)
2290, Jalan Hala Timah 1, 31900 Kampar

friendly reminder: 

if you haven't gotten your Balls and All discount voucher, Contact me!. 
drop me a mail at or facebook
follow me on twitter @cyinli

Saturday, December 4, 2010

oh December already?

wow!. last post November 25th. and it's December 4th already. okay lah not that long. :P

it's already December of 2010. time sure does flies. really fast samore. HAHA.

Question: How has your year been so far? 
*kindly leave your comments in the comment section at the end of the post. that's if you want to* 

I had one of the nicest way to end the month of November with Photo-shooting, Moral Campaign, and Pre-end of semester dinner with good friends, not forgetting. the boyfriend who came all the way from PJ to Kampar for our 2nd year anniversary. *loves

one of the theme for our class's photo shoot. 
my fav group pic. (: 

a formal one.

yeah. my looks is deceiving. HAHA. 

my group members. 
nice people yo. 

Its been 2 and a half years with this bunch of people. of course there's alot of changes in between everything and we're still close to each other. or at least I think. 
on a brighter note, I'm graduating next May!. provided I pass all my papers laah. *fingers crossed*

I even brought teddy to class on monday. 
Patrick was just to cover my face. HAHA. 
it was moral campaign and my role? 
guess lah. haha. 

so far, it has been a great year with all the ups and downs and ongoings. I have to be thankful for all the awesome peoples around. yet, I'm not gonna mention any names because, you know who you are. (: 

oh the weather really makes me want to sleep. rawr. 


looking forward to go home.