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the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

love me youth camp.

i'm back!!.. yea. sorry for not posting much at all these day.. after camp been busy with alot of stuffs..

having my midterms these few weeks.. =( and web-page design's assignment gonna due soon.. and i hate it.. damn hard weih.! not forgetting other assignments.. 6 subject in total. sociology, writting for business, writting for mass comm, marketing and management..

anyway.. back to camp..

well. it was a success.. photos at daxueyuan. it was fun.. the thank you list is tooo long.. so i shall keep it short and sweet. 'i love you all'.


nothing else much happened. or maybe there is.. i just cant really recall.. hehe..

besides going yein mun's house for barbeque leftover supper, work my ass off the only 2 free days i have, hangging out with my classmates to various places to eat and went jogging which ended up walking with jing chen.. that's all i remember.

i've been out with dummy these days.. spm is coming. and my mid-terms are soon. so we teman each other to study..

oh and. no worries.. i'm fine. *love lots*

time to study!.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


i vanished..


i will not be updating this so soon yet becase of an upcoming camp. and always when i wanna update something else pop out. so yea. patience.

well there's update about the barbeque at yein mun's blog. so go there.
*i'm helping u to promote ur blog, yein mun*

my holidays are over. classes are fine.. i'm doing good. results are out too. not as good as expected but still okay.

anyhow. i'll try to update my blog as soon as possible. so. keep visiting.

one more thing..

happy bithday to :

soon shyn (19th)
stefanie chew and keng chuan (20th)
foo li yin and chee yen (21st)
aiman and ian (23rd)
han bing (24th)
min (28th)

that's all for now.


Friday, October 5, 2007

laa dii dum dum.~

it's another friday.. why la must everything be on friday?

oh well..

hmmm. it's soon to be the end of my 15 days of holiday. which means new sem's starting.. booo!!! gosh do i miss my classmates. finally after last monday someone's planning to go yum cha. lol.

lets see.. 15 days.
been to work for 8 days, 3 yam cha session with different group of friends with one more coming up, 2 *i think* meetings for camp n sunday class, 2 barbeque sessions, one more coming up i guess. 1 expensive not really worth paying dinner. and lunch. mooncake festival / lanterns n candle burning at sandy and my place, bought new shades, a day for movie with my darlings!.

bye bye emo.. i shall not be emo. had too much moodswings lately. PMS i guess. lol.

feel like cutting my hair again. any suggetion? i was thinking renee from america's next top model cycle 8. 's hairstyle.

i cant wait till next year when i can finally be legal.. yes i'm not legal yet.. boohoo!. i dont wish to drive but still it'll be fun being legal when i can finally go clubbing not as an underage. =)

plans for the next few weeks:
practice piano and singging!.
study. so that i dont and wont flunk my exams.
shopping!. there's so many new malls in town!!.. pavilion, gardens and sunway's new wing!. gosh.. money money come to me... ~
and most importantly..!

learn to make decision lar weih.. it's driving me off the wall.

i just received an sms from my neighbour, who so happenly was my std 6 classmate, wishing me happy birthday. lol!. oh well i forgive him.

and not forgetting.

happy birthday cousie pammie!. *love lots*