hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008


everytime i decided not to blog, tons of things happens.

4 days ago. tat hong, joey and jia hao called me out to yum cha. they came all the way from APIIT. gosh sooo random.. joey got zha by his friend lester and the scene was damn funny. i dun really get the things they talk about cuz i'm not really close to them. but overally still fun laa. as quoted from tat hong. (:

small world laa. joey knows joyce who is in my lecture class. lester knows leslie who is in my class and has a twin brother called lester. (:

i always loves friday. why? class ends early on fridays. so. we went wong kok @ss2 for breakfast/yum cha. of all places. after droping the others at lrt station as they wanna go klcc for isetan sales, KC and i headed to 1u for movie. called ron to come along.

we watched 'a long pte ltd'.

seriously that movie was heck of a good one.

after movie, teman ron for grocery shopping. it looked damn wrong. 2 guys and a girl. it's like temaning two gays as quoted from KC. rushed home straight after receiving call from dad saying that my maternal grandmother passed away and mom's on her way home.

settled my paternal grandmother's dinner and off the remaining 4 of us to giant to get the things my mom asked us to get. it was in and out of giant and tesco since then. dad and i was tired that we fell asleep while waiting for my turn for dental checkup.

she passed away. her crematorium is later today and i'm home. due to some uh. i shall say 'pantang'. super long story so i'm not gonna go all over it again.

she looks pretty there. after all the makeups and dressing up. better than when i visited her on wednesday. she doesnt need to suffer anymore so it's better for her.

rest in peace.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

a smiles a frown turned upside down.

mid terms are over. which means. finals in 3 weeks time. UH-OH. not good.
OMB. i need to study.
thou i only have two subjects.

no more procratinations.

just finished my finance assignment. left with costing. boohoo.
due date: monday. shyt.

seriously. i do not really want to go to kampar. but i'm excited to go there. sigh. my mom and sis was like listing what i need over there but i was canceling most of the things on the list. i'm gonna miss everything here.
but look at the brighter side!. i'm gonna be with my kaima and kaipa. frequent visit to ipoh then i guess. *loves*

according to xian. march is emo month. i soo agree.

as a tribute to my most 'dedicated' brotherhood, i decided to post their photos. *as if they're gonna read this*
thou they mean people, but it's so nice of them to cheer me up most of the time. bringing me everywhere they go. good food!. teaching me the bad good stuffs.
see. i'm angelic. lol.

ronald and xi shun.

xi shun and chia hui.
they always like to put me in the middle. cuz i'm small.

KC. who wants a decent picture of him here. (:

you girls out there.. fyi: ronald and chia hui is taken. *wink*

i was listening to some of those ancient songs at the bottom of my playlist. and i came across one of my all time favourite. 'happy go lucky' by steps. (:

the world only sees me smiling
but they dont know the truth every night.
cuz there's where i hide my sorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

disguise and deny

i'm soo sorry for not updating you blog. do not hate me for that. (:

once again. another hectic week has past.

i almost missed my finance mid term paper. went for TWO movies. spent hell lotsa money. attended barbeque party. and killer dance training.

thanks to my escorts/ driver/ bodyguards, chia hui, xi shun and ronald. three of them were finding any possible opportunity to tease me.

shun almost got us all late for exam. exam was at 2.30pm and he told us 3.30. we were still eating at ss3 at 2.10pm. manage to rush in and not be the last to enter the exam room. cant deny that ron has skills. (:

movies!. yea it was emo day and i had to watch movie. it's school holiday and i dislike it. the tickets all ran out rast. so we couldnt watch the movie we wanted to watch. ended up with MINOTAUR and FLOOD. i would rate minotaur as a low budget cheap movie, 1.5/5. as for flood. um. kinda boring. it's like the remake of tsunami.. except that it's hitting london 2.5/5.

spending money on useless movies. goshh. saddening weih.

i like food. organized a barbeque party for the the temple people. it was fun as we had barbequed lala and prawn!. had our very own chef preparing the food for us. not forgetting karaoke, sparkling juices and surprise birthday cake for monkey and zi hui. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you both.
due to lack of rest and water. i'm suffering from sore throat now. boohoo.

the dance teacher taught us more basic dance moves. which means more ballet!. almost broke our legs after that. 'you guys need more streching!' but. it's fun. and worth it.

yes i know.
but still i'm gonna deny it.
as it just wont work.

Friday, March 7, 2008

of mixtures again.

to xian.

remedy to be nerdy is to feel nerdy, act nerdy, dress nerdy and eventually be nerday.

oh well. at least i've been studying that way and it helped. (:
i for once finish my finance tutorial without skipping a single question. *bangga*
but during tutorial, 1st question wrong d. lol. sad case betul.

anyhow anyway. aku went karaoke and golfing. whee~

oh and. thanks for listening to my rants.

golf is fun. (:
tennis is great too!.
basketball is soo yesterday. lol.

happy birthday to.
hui pin. who's in tarc. *5th*
xi shun. whom i always ask to take my stuffs *6th*
kaishan. i'll see you in kampar. *7th*
wei keat. whom i see everyday *8th*
chin hing. currenly somewhere the other side of earth. *8th*
leslie. randomly looks for me to chat*10th*
jun liang. whom i always ffk*11th*
monkey. caretaker? *16th*
who's in labis now *16th*
wilson. who's in tarc too!. *17th*
jie cheng. my sizzling hot dance partner. *18th*
winnee. the bok. pretty classmate of mine. *18th*
wen bing. sweet classmate of mine. *18th*
desmond. always showing of his teeth. *19th*

do let me know if i missed out any. shooo many march babies.

photo of the day.

-before.. i presume-


*taken in extreme park*

pinky's skirt!. *inside joke* not like she reads this.

Monday, March 3, 2008

retarted is the new normal.

i have to nerdify myself. any advice? motivation please?

was attending cost accounting lecture. and. i dunno anything. ): spending most of the time trying to understand it. shooo hard to get it straight. mid term is next week and assignment due in two weeks time. *SIGH*

not to forget financial accounting. worst still!.

maybe i havent been studying for a month. till now still trying to fit myself into the study mood. which i quite desperately needed to.

i dont like me timetable. afternoon classes are making me sleepy. *yawn*

been sleeping more and more and more in the afternoon lately. as there's just too much nightmares at night. me no likey.

going to hospital tomorrow again. it's just another almost routine to wake up early.

if you ask me if i love him,
i'd lie.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

round and round it goes.

so basically this is what i did during the weekends of february.

to june. (:

cyun is just soo cute. <3

thanks for being there.
*kai en and i*

positions for dance.

sann's open house.
*shuenz, yinxie, cyun, me and mun yi*

after performance.
*sann and i*
the photos are kinda dark. 2mp but no flash. what do you expect.

there's lots of photos taken that day but it's not with me. so yea.

fireworks!. *loves*

first day of sem 3. happy birthday lin.!
*me, shirley, shuei lin and grace*

vain pot whom i love but hate. and i. breakfast at megah. after sending grandma for surgery.

the shirt says it all.

hmm. i started naming my shirt. i have penguin, happy, teddy, and APPLE.
realised i hav skills in makeup. lol. just the simple ones laa.
chores are making me tired. but burn fats and kills time.

i'm having 2 subjects this sem. chilling as it seemed. like wtf. 2 subjects!
everyday, classes starts earliest at 12noon latest at 1pm. except fridays.
shortest 2 hours, longest 3 hours.
cost accounting and finacial accounting is soo not easy.
accounts!. is my weak subject. *i do not like accounts*
mid term is n 2 weeks time.
assignment in 3 weeks time.
then finals is in 6 weeks time.
off i go to kampar then.