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Thursday, March 20, 2008

a smiles a frown turned upside down.

mid terms are over. which means. finals in 3 weeks time. UH-OH. not good.
OMB. i need to study.
thou i only have two subjects.

no more procratinations.

just finished my finance assignment. left with costing. boohoo.
due date: monday. shyt.

seriously. i do not really want to go to kampar. but i'm excited to go there. sigh. my mom and sis was like listing what i need over there but i was canceling most of the things on the list. i'm gonna miss everything here.
but look at the brighter side!. i'm gonna be with my kaima and kaipa. frequent visit to ipoh then i guess. *loves*

according to xian. march is emo month. i soo agree.

as a tribute to my most 'dedicated' brotherhood, i decided to post their photos. *as if they're gonna read this*
thou they mean people, but it's so nice of them to cheer me up most of the time. bringing me everywhere they go. good food!. teaching me the bad good stuffs.
see. i'm angelic. lol.

ronald and xi shun.

xi shun and chia hui.
they always like to put me in the middle. cuz i'm small.

KC. who wants a decent picture of him here. (:

you girls out there.. fyi: ronald and chia hui is taken. *wink*

i was listening to some of those ancient songs at the bottom of my playlist. and i came across one of my all time favourite. 'happy go lucky' by steps. (:

the world only sees me smiling
but they dont know the truth every night.
cuz there's where i hide my sorrow.

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