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Sunday, March 30, 2008


everytime i decided not to blog, tons of things happens.

4 days ago. tat hong, joey and jia hao called me out to yum cha. they came all the way from APIIT. gosh sooo random.. joey got zha by his friend lester and the scene was damn funny. i dun really get the things they talk about cuz i'm not really close to them. but overally still fun laa. as quoted from tat hong. (:

small world laa. joey knows joyce who is in my lecture class. lester knows leslie who is in my class and has a twin brother called lester. (:

i always loves friday. why? class ends early on fridays. so. we went wong kok @ss2 for breakfast/yum cha. of all places. after droping the others at lrt station as they wanna go klcc for isetan sales, KC and i headed to 1u for movie. called ron to come along.

we watched 'a long pte ltd'.

seriously that movie was heck of a good one.

after movie, teman ron for grocery shopping. it looked damn wrong. 2 guys and a girl. it's like temaning two gays as quoted from KC. rushed home straight after receiving call from dad saying that my maternal grandmother passed away and mom's on her way home.

settled my paternal grandmother's dinner and off the remaining 4 of us to giant to get the things my mom asked us to get. it was in and out of giant and tesco since then. dad and i was tired that we fell asleep while waiting for my turn for dental checkup.

she passed away. her crematorium is later today and i'm home. due to some uh. i shall say 'pantang'. super long story so i'm not gonna go all over it again.

she looks pretty there. after all the makeups and dressing up. better than when i visited her on wednesday. she doesnt need to suffer anymore so it's better for her.

rest in peace.

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