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Friday, March 7, 2008

of mixtures again.

to xian.

remedy to be nerdy is to feel nerdy, act nerdy, dress nerdy and eventually be nerday.

oh well. at least i've been studying that way and it helped. (:
i for once finish my finance tutorial without skipping a single question. *bangga*
but during tutorial, 1st question wrong d. lol. sad case betul.

anyhow anyway. aku went karaoke and golfing. whee~

oh and. thanks for listening to my rants.

golf is fun. (:
tennis is great too!.
basketball is soo yesterday. lol.

happy birthday to.
hui pin. who's in tarc. *5th*
xi shun. whom i always ask to take my stuffs *6th*
kaishan. i'll see you in kampar. *7th*
wei keat. whom i see everyday *8th*
chin hing. currenly somewhere the other side of earth. *8th*
leslie. randomly looks for me to chat*10th*
jun liang. whom i always ffk*11th*
monkey. caretaker? *16th*
who's in labis now *16th*
wilson. who's in tarc too!. *17th*
jie cheng. my sizzling hot dance partner. *18th*
winnee. the bok. pretty classmate of mine. *18th*
wen bing. sweet classmate of mine. *18th*
desmond. always showing of his teeth. *19th*

do let me know if i missed out any. shooo many march babies.

photo of the day.

-before.. i presume-


*taken in extreme park*

pinky's skirt!. *inside joke* not like she reads this.

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