hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Monday, October 27, 2008

i'm happy..


because it's a holiday. (:

i got the books a wanted. great bargain at MPH warehouse sales.

i went shopping. saw this really cute dress but well. paycheque not out yet. heh.

spent the other half the time in temple. for once we had buffet.! vegetarian buffet as a token of apprecieation for those who helped out during the dinner few weeks ago.

food. (: i just love festive season.

i miss dance classes banyak banyak. sighh.

somewhere over the rainbow..
it's one of those after work days when it was drizzling a lil. and there was not one but TWO rainbows. (: rainbows and the colour green always reminds me of someone. if you're reading this.. i miss you babe. and we needa meet up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

to xian: before you say anything, yes i'm blogging during working hours. but


it's lunch break. and i have no one to teman me and it's drizzling outside.
so after i bought my mcd i came back. and why waste my 1 hour break starting work so early. not like i get paid also. lol.
so yea. it's drizzling so i cant go shopping.
and THAT is not fun.

well when i say shopping i meant window shopping. can barely afford anything cuz i'm broke broke. wait. correction. i'm saving money for other stuffs. (: sides my pay is not out yet.

FYI ppl. i'm working in damansara uptown 1... near near huh.. come come go lunch together gather. :P

since there's still time.. i shall continue.

it's deepavali soon! holidays me love. whee~.
well. happy deepavali to everyone who's celebrating it.

ps: bring me to open house laaa.

oh yea. i forgotten about this really really important thing..
i got back my results. *grins* and it's a beauty of unpredictable, late nights, red bulls hard work.

Monday, October 20, 2008


paul and yan ying looks sooo sweet in this one. too bad i missed the wedding and the dance performance. but oh well.

love this video!. <3

Saturday, October 18, 2008

sorry love, i abandoned you. hee.

when i'm working there's alot of things came to my mind of what to blog about. but when i reach home, i was just too tired to do so. hee.


i needa write because there are birthday wishes to be done. (:



happy belated to kerr kay. primary school classmate. who has the height of a model and hot body.

happy belated birthday to darling yein mun. my ever still so blur besties. hee. aiyo. when i free you got classes pulak. remember last year you had barbeque.. and then.. *secret* ahha. details not to be disclosed..
oh oh. not forgetting the leftovers party. lol. super salty mashed potatoes. gosh. i miss you laaa.. faster faster come out. mwah!.

oh and happy birthday to shane. which is tomorrow.

and also keng chuan. on the 20th. lol. loads of happy times with shuehna and sianhoo. those late nights and bus to malacca and A Famosa event thing. haha..

almost forgotten! stefanie chew!. all the way in australia.

chee yen
meng leong
suh ming
another kenny
hsu yan
ms leong xin yu

fuhh.. finanly finish the list. hee.

happy happy birthdays. (:

loads of love.


note to xian:

darling arr.. exams will be over soon before you know it. (:
i'm waiting for you to come back lady boss. you employed me remember?

apple's gonna shower you with loads of luck and you'll do great.

best of luck hun!

love loads.

Friday, October 10, 2008


this is sooo frustrating..
my employer is such a shitass..

i decline the job offer from genting and went to work for the other one which i dun really prefer and now he says that it's until november 28 only. wth.

what am i going to do after that? i still have like a month to do nothing!.

oh crapp. i'm screwed.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

last saturday.. i spend my time at sg way primary school for an event organized by my temple.
after not being able to attend many many events.. this is my 1st comeback event. (:

during rehersals:

i wanted to capture d part where they went wrong but ngehh. too late abit. hee.

the ending pose.

forgive the photo quality. it's 2mp. and not a camera.

one thing good bout events is that you'll have plenty of time to camwhore before the event starts. provided that you're not rushing or performing. hee. *cough* me *cough*

it was a long wait. soo...

and again..

and again. hee.

of course there's performance and performance and blah blah blah.. when everything ended..

munyi darling and i.

monkey and i.

sooling and i.

the dance team. proud of you all. good job! *hugz*

after the event. us all. (:

haa. dont you just love happy endings..

for videos and more photos:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

heloooo. (:

i'm happy.

i went away. whee~.

not exactly away la. just a trip back to sitiawan. mom's hometown.

soo photos!.
day 1
first stop was :
yes yes. back to the nature me love..

attemp #1
fail. cuz 'camera-man-of-the-day' boooo...

attemp #2.
failed again..
camera man's fault. blehh

haaha!. i rock!. woohoo..

they were super mean that day.. boo them. stoopid rice joke. hmph.

after all the cleaning and etc. we went to the beach. also known as teluk batik. fun it was. watching those kids. lol.

our favourite seafood place has just down graded themselves. ):

basically what i did after dinner.

day 2.
after bfast we left sitiawan.

on the way to bidor to visit my relative.

hibiscus outside her place in bidor.

after that..
my 3rd uncle randomly ask us go eat fish. in rawang.
guess who we met there.

jeng jeng jeng..
jason. from the show 'taste with jason'.

chey. no biggie wert. it's just a host for a food show.
but but. he interviewed us. um some of us.

cuz our table has 7 people all under 20. my sis n i are the older people. and remaining 5 are kids below 14.

my uncle ordered SEVEN fishes for our table. one for EACH of us.

so the host was like. whoa you all can finish ar. well. i was surprised too. yes we finished the seven fishes on the table. (: bangga sial..

and then horr.. when we're about to leave hor..

she was asked to do something. watch and you'll know. lol. really entertaining.
she was wearing my shirt. hee.

last but not least..
photo of the day. (:

lets do it again!. soo fun. it's filled with laughter and stupidity thoughout.