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Friday, October 24, 2008

to xian: before you say anything, yes i'm blogging during working hours. but


it's lunch break. and i have no one to teman me and it's drizzling outside.
so after i bought my mcd i came back. and why waste my 1 hour break starting work so early. not like i get paid also. lol.
so yea. it's drizzling so i cant go shopping.
and THAT is not fun.

well when i say shopping i meant window shopping. can barely afford anything cuz i'm broke broke. wait. correction. i'm saving money for other stuffs. (: sides my pay is not out yet.

FYI ppl. i'm working in damansara uptown 1... near near huh.. come come go lunch together gather. :P

since there's still time.. i shall continue.

it's deepavali soon! holidays me love. whee~.
well. happy deepavali to everyone who's celebrating it.

ps: bring me to open house laaa.

oh yea. i forgotten about this really really important thing..
i got back my results. *grins* and it's a beauty of unpredictable, late nights, red bulls hard work.

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