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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009



besides collecting angpau.. what do you do during cny?

imagine this. at night.

the garden loooks much better day time.

xian!. remember this? TWO YEARS ago. lol.

i did this last year. you'll probably not see me in that this year.

mbpj open house.

well. it's been a tradition every year. after coming back from hometown, i'll be at FGS dongzen temple for at least two days. this yea tak tau yet. haha.

k laah what i'm trying to say is. if you're free, just go take a look. it's awesome. better to go at night. the lights and lanterns. (: even if you're not buddhist, just go. for the atmosphere and for the fun of it.

for more details.

last but not least.
i did this last year. *to be proud of*

have a great one!.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it's all about you

have you been to an advertisment shooting??

well i was there..

my brother was kalefeh there. but it's cool to be there lahh. it's actually milo commercial shooting.

i havent seen the ad yet. =.=

the crew..

the plunging part.

when they were not soo needed.

jetming and keith.

him. shan. keith.

it was THREE AM!. when i went to get drinks. they were allowed to go like 4 plus.

sometimesss. he is really annoying.
i IM-ed him saying it's very very hot in kampar. and then. READ ON.
KARAOKE!!!!!. <3
lately i just dont feel like going out during day time. damn hot weih. hmm i got darker. ABIT.
aku pergi buat tutorial. going for plenty of replacement classes tmr. because i wanna go home. (:

Sunday, January 18, 2009


DINNER... but before that..
i went photo stealing again.

hellooo david. (: who came all the way from sabah.

okayy back to dinner. intially planned to go sitiawan for dinner on friday.. BUT. mom say it's too far away. so instead. we went to tanjung tualang. yong chee was 'the' tourguide.

the restaurant.

steamed prawn.

i think it's stir fried. awesomeness lahh..

our dishes. as normal as it seems. it's good. (:

dont droll on the keyboard lah people.. eww.

group photo is a definate must.

and another one.


the bill. it's worth it for such fresh food. there was 12 of us there. so bout 20 per person.

then then.. we went back to do some 'math'. hehehe.. just like old times.

see!. calculation is much much needed.

the other bff. shirley.

well. the old times is not over yet.. it's normally dinner-chordi-yumcha. sooo..

jerry joined us. or formally known as FF. short for fuckface.. now better known as THUNDER jerry. joker as usual.

you are soo lucky to be getting free publicity..

soo. it was an awesome 1st week here afterall.

better weeks ahead?


Friday, January 16, 2009

hickery dickery dock.

the mouse went up the clock.

2009. new year.

a sum of december!. and my last week in pj. before going to kampar.

'love me youth' camp. 爱我青年.
i'm no where to be found in the photo cuz i was at the dorm. boo.
taken from jave.

'hong yee's emo party/ julian's surprise everyone party'
taken from rayner. i think. or was it belle?..

xian's surprise birthday. (:
taken from tiff.

girls outing/ xian's bday.
from sann.

sian hoo's 19th.

and another one.

disney thingy in nxz.
from sann.

unggul cheerleaders seniors '06.

karaoke session. screaming shouting laughing. catching up.
aha. liyan!. our sha gua. 傻瓜. && our awesome finale!.
as retarted as we seem. we still loves each other.

i miss you babes..

there's still missing alot of photos..
movies with hongyee and leslie, hongyee and yiling's birthday party. and sann's bday dinner. and and. umm. i cant remember.



i didnt have much problem adapting back to the life here. started lecture classes.

haha. here i go againn...

i like my timetable. (: it's not that bad lahh. 6-8pm on monday. harhar.
wednesdays free and my friday's class ends at 12.30pm. cool ei?

oh!. my new found bff. meng leong. ze junior is addicted to sun wu kong. and planining to walk/jog to ipoh or teluk intan. i mean seriously?.. LOL.

1st week is always free cuz there's no tutorials. thereforee..

the friends decided to go check out the new karaoke place in kampar. besides the canggihness of the song selection thingy. others cannot be compared to redbox or neway.
it's touch screen yo!. and we only paid rm5.50 for 2 hours.


come to kampar lahhh.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

helloo from kampar. (:

people are blasting their speakers. music lovers. lol. i'm soo not gonna kill my laptop's speaker. i'll blast when i get new speakers. *EVIL LAUGH* but being considerate. ahem. yes. nahh.. i wont blast my playlist. maybe just a lil louder. haha.

my new housemates are pretty friendly. unlike what my other housemate told me.

my new 'neighbour from the next road'. is meng leong. who dropped by just now to check what else he needs.
it's great. um.. i wont say catching up. erm. getting to know you sounds better. lol.

my friends. are being um.. my friends! havent seen them since last day of exam. which was bout 3 months plus.
feels good seing them again. just wished that it could all go back to the day we all 1st came here.

oh well.

new semester!. W-O-W.

pretty excited. honestly. being back in uni. believe it anot. i sorta miss going to classes. i like going to class. it's like the boring-est thing to do. i know. better still if you know what the lecturer is gonna lecture about!. for example, attending english classes. fun lah.
*i'm being sarcastic. *

you'll only be reading this ONCE. after this, i may be cursing for having to go for classes and also assignments. not forgetting examinations after this. lol.

2nd day here back at kampar.
fohsan in ipoh was our 2nd stop. lol. dim sum. yumm.
1st stop was kamling for curry chicken bread.
next was kinta city or ipoh's jusco. for some shopping. hee. cny coming lahhh.

boy and chea. i know you both read this. dont tell mommy kayy. WAIT. she'll probably figure out anyway. lol. okay lahh. i'll be thrifty. dont worry. you guys probably wont miss me. rite? lol. see! i know you. mean betul..

Thursday, January 8, 2009


after alll the screaming, shouting, singing, jumping, laughing. i'll elaborate. SOON.

this is a friendly reminder to triplechin, captainquack, bimbo and cps. (:


remember to dress like bimbos kayy.
i heart you girls banyak banyak.

note to self:
start packing!
go photo 'hunting'.
dont emo lahhhh..

on another story..

london almond cookies anyone? lol.

Monday, January 5, 2009


the disadvantage of not owning a camera is..

you have you go HUNT for photos. blogs, facebook, friendster, whatever..

soo. i went photo hunting of gatherings and outings i attended. yea. attended. till i find a better word to replace that.


i just found out something.

my brother actually misses going lunch with me. haha. we USED to go lunches together pretty often.

nah.. prove!.

mom: so what you all wanna have for lunch?
yinli: anything lahh..
jm: nevermind lahh. we can settle ourselves. can walk wert.
yinli: laughoutloud.. you miss having lunch with me dont you.

har har. boo you boy. miss me then say lahh. kacau saje. you have 4 more days to do so.. and then it's wish come true for you.
after that you'll only see me every random weekends.

on another event. daddy dont have to go to canada! yea mann.

rachel kheng wei li yan. it's awesome catching up with you three.
btw girls.. it's official. hee. *inside secret*
leslie. you're skinny. haha.
hong yee. thanks for the movie and lunch.

happy belated 2oth yiling & hong yee
happy belated 19th sian hoo

&& more updates to come... (:

it's gonna be awesome...