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Monday, January 5, 2009


the disadvantage of not owning a camera is..

you have you go HUNT for photos. blogs, facebook, friendster, whatever..

soo. i went photo hunting of gatherings and outings i attended. yea. attended. till i find a better word to replace that.


i just found out something.

my brother actually misses going lunch with me. haha. we USED to go lunches together pretty often.

nah.. prove!.

mom: so what you all wanna have for lunch?
yinli: anything lahh..
jm: nevermind lahh. we can settle ourselves. can walk wert.
yinli: laughoutloud.. you miss having lunch with me dont you.

har har. boo you boy. miss me then say lahh. kacau saje. you have 4 more days to do so.. and then it's wish come true for you.
after that you'll only see me every random weekends.

on another event. daddy dont have to go to canada! yea mann.

rachel kheng wei li yan. it's awesome catching up with you three.
btw girls.. it's official. hee. *inside secret*
leslie. you're skinny. haha.
hong yee. thanks for the movie and lunch.

happy belated 2oth yiling & hong yee
happy belated 19th sian hoo

&& more updates to come... (:

it's gonna be awesome...

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