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Saturday, January 24, 2009



besides collecting angpau.. what do you do during cny?

imagine this. at night.

the garden loooks much better day time.

xian!. remember this? TWO YEARS ago. lol.

i did this last year. you'll probably not see me in that this year.

mbpj open house.

well. it's been a tradition every year. after coming back from hometown, i'll be at FGS dongzen temple for at least two days. this yea tak tau yet. haha.

k laah what i'm trying to say is. if you're free, just go take a look. it's awesome. better to go at night. the lights and lanterns. (: even if you're not buddhist, just go. for the atmosphere and for the fun of it.

for more details.

last but not least.
i did this last year. *to be proud of*

have a great one!.

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