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Sunday, January 18, 2009


DINNER... but before that..
i went photo stealing again.

hellooo david. (: who came all the way from sabah.

okayy back to dinner. intially planned to go sitiawan for dinner on friday.. BUT. mom say it's too far away. so instead. we went to tanjung tualang. yong chee was 'the' tourguide.

the restaurant.

steamed prawn.

i think it's stir fried. awesomeness lahh..

our dishes. as normal as it seems. it's good. (:

dont droll on the keyboard lah people.. eww.

group photo is a definate must.

and another one.


the bill. it's worth it for such fresh food. there was 12 of us there. so bout 20 per person.

then then.. we went back to do some 'math'. hehehe.. just like old times.

see!. calculation is much much needed.

the other bff. shirley.

well. the old times is not over yet.. it's normally dinner-chordi-yumcha. sooo..

jerry joined us. or formally known as FF. short for fuckface.. now better known as THUNDER jerry. joker as usual.

you are soo lucky to be getting free publicity..

soo. it was an awesome 1st week here afterall.

better weeks ahead?


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