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Sunday, January 11, 2009

helloo from kampar. (:

people are blasting their speakers. music lovers. lol. i'm soo not gonna kill my laptop's speaker. i'll blast when i get new speakers. *EVIL LAUGH* but being considerate. ahem. yes. nahh.. i wont blast my playlist. maybe just a lil louder. haha.

my new housemates are pretty friendly. unlike what my other housemate told me.

my new 'neighbour from the next road'. is meng leong. who dropped by just now to check what else he needs.
it's great. um.. i wont say catching up. erm. getting to know you sounds better. lol.

my friends. are being um.. my friends! havent seen them since last day of exam. which was bout 3 months plus.
feels good seing them again. just wished that it could all go back to the day we all 1st came here.

oh well.

new semester!. W-O-W.

pretty excited. honestly. being back in uni. believe it anot. i sorta miss going to classes. i like going to class. it's like the boring-est thing to do. i know. better still if you know what the lecturer is gonna lecture about!. for example, attending english classes. fun lah.
*i'm being sarcastic. *

you'll only be reading this ONCE. after this, i may be cursing for having to go for classes and also assignments. not forgetting examinations after this. lol.

2nd day here back at kampar.
fohsan in ipoh was our 2nd stop. lol. dim sum. yumm.
1st stop was kamling for curry chicken bread.
next was kinta city or ipoh's jusco. for some shopping. hee. cny coming lahhh.

boy and chea. i know you both read this. dont tell mommy kayy. WAIT. she'll probably figure out anyway. lol. okay lahh. i'll be thrifty. dont worry. you guys probably wont miss me. rite? lol. see! i know you. mean betul..

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