hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

lastly, follow me on twitter!.

lotsa love.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


first thing first. hee. not that i do not want to update my blog, just that the internet line is not set upped at my place. so i can only update over at my friend's place. so yea. my bad. hee.

oh well.

i'm still alive. over at kampar. wont be going back for the moment.
BUT xian. we'll go yum cha before you leave. *hugs*

oh AND.

i've changed my handphone number. um.
so. drop a message at the chatbox there and i'll update you (:


Friday, June 13, 2008

, with love.

basically the highlight of the week.

dinner. in conjunction with john's bday. lol. girls only obviously.

happy belated birthday la JOHN. (:

the mess the people did. lol. hope you had a great surprise.

happy birthday cyun.

heh. the only nice photo of you. (:
psst.. it's NOT weird laa kayy. *hearts*

Saturday, June 7, 2008

i have been abandoning you lately. ngehh. maaf laaa.

i'm over at grace's place to online. as the internet at my place will not be ready in another 6 months time. because there's no more ports!.

life here is kinda pathetic without internet and worst till. no signal. i have to put my phone by the window to get signals.

i've officially killed 10 spiders for the week. *applause* i tak suka spiders laa. just that there's just so many of them. jeez. especially after rain. talking bout rain, here it's like rain for like what. 5 minutes then the sun comes back out. wtf.

so lets see. westlake has nice view. (: fishing is good there. jogging is great too.

i met up with the other dj-ians here. namely shan, vin, yann shun, yi ling, wei zhi and wan kien. yi ling and i went ransacking shan n vin's place. lol.

photos to be uploaded soon. hee.

k laa. i'm uploading for the sakes of keeping my blog alive laa. so bare wid me.