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Sunday, May 27, 2007


i got tagged by jun liang.. so yea.

Name hot girls and guys you know (min 10).Rate them and state their status. Then tag 5 people.

1. ms. young tze xian

10/10 la duhh. she rocks totally. thanks for always being there.
Single n available. *hint*

*photo not available.*

2. mr. choo wei ee
9/10 well. to my bestest buddy. who sayangs me alooot.....
um. single.. i think.. kinda more of the complicated side.

3. ms. choo hwee sann

10/10 thanks for always being there too.. i loove u.
taken. =)

4. mr. tan sian hoo

um. okay lar.. 8/10 see i give face kay. later u say 'beta sakit hati' lolx.

5. ms. rachel bimbotic chong

hmm. she deserves a 10. for being a sizzling hawt bimbo n a great friend.
single. uh.. not.

6. mr. yip kaishan

see. a good 8/10 rating leh..

7. ms. lee shzen yee

10!!. another bimbotic. friggin 'hiao' darling of mine. lurve her thou.
uh.. single i guess. i duno actually. hehe. *paiseh*

8. mr. chew jet ming
uh. 8 la.. since he's nice. ONCE in a while. bleh..
single.. !

9. ms. chew yinxie

i give a.. 10 outa 10. she's my sista!.
and .. taken.

10. mr. hafiz!

8/10 =) he's in malacca now.

okay. now i tag..

tze xian.
hwee sann.
chee hoe.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

o r i e n t a t i o n

it's orientation day today.

FYI: i'm currently a STUDENT. studying in UTAR.

orientation was boorrrriiiinnnngggggggg..... luckily i have yi ling there. meng wai drove us to college. basically since we do not really practically know where is our block.. he almost over shot. it was what. 7.45 n d que was friggin looooooonng....

yi ling n i was like talking n talking till wan kien came. n the conversation continues.. it's a good thing to b early. cuz. if we came any later. we'll be sun bathing. lolx.

then.. the orientation thingi was killing us.

1. the chair was uncomfortable
2. the projector was put too high up. so have to strain our necks just to see it.
3. the way they speak. there was practically one person who speaks proper english.
4. the way they conduct it is just plain boring..

okay. enuf of the complainings. hehe.

i came out early anyway.. went 1u for lunch with yi ling, yann shun, n kah weng. picked up shu yee too.

at night... *drum rolls*

as good students of mrs tan, math tuition teacher..

hong yee, julian, jovy, rayner, yein mun, rachel n i , went to visit her. =) then we all went for dinner at ming tien with teacher n her 2 granddaughters, phoebe n alyssa. rayner din join us cuz he was broke broke.

then the 6 of us went to pet shop. rachel discovers 'superworm' n seems to be really facinated with it. =)

there's no photos. because. no one brought camera.

random photos n event n people i miss. ..

days without braces...

miss them loads..


christmas party. at rachel's

my bday dinner. at tgif


yi ming.

kit weng n gabriel.

justin n brian.

what do you see in this photo.?

Monday, May 14, 2007

i'm a happpyy girl..

i'm a happy girl. lalala~.

okay. hehe. a lil high. =)

hmm. have you ever get the feeling when something good happens.. something bad will definately come along?..

yup. i'm experiencing that at the moment.

*turn back time to 14/05/2007*

it was bout 10pm. my brother just came back from swimming training n i just came back from fren's house.
was sitting at the dining table eating.. n talking to daddy n mummy.

so then. my brother was walking towards the basin.

me / dad / mom / brother / sister

me : OH NO!. *stares at bro*
dad, mom & bro : *pause wateva they're doing n stare at me.*
me : *walk towards bro n pull him right beside me* see!.
dad & mom : *laughs* boy, suddenly tall d. why ar? training?
bro : *evilgrin* i'm taller!!. can bully you d..
me : NO!!!!...
sis : what what what??? *from the living room*

repeated the whole height measuring thing again..

dad, mom, sis n bro : *lol*
whereas me, i walk away..


i love them all. =)

this is my last week working.. = /
bye bye cute subway guy.. bye bye hot korean n jap guys.. no more almost weekly yong tou foo which i;m bored of now.. whee~.. no more sample n free products... no more random walks to hartamas.. no more free lunch. no more free magazines.. no more facing the computer the whole day.. no more staying inside the office which is freezing cold.. no more hot international skol guys. ...

hello college.

bye bye dilemma.

No that ain't no way to be
How I feel
Read my lips
Because I'm so over
I'm so
Moving on
And it's my time
You never were a friend of mine
Hurt at first
A little bit
And now I'm so over
So over it
I'm so over it

though you
appeared randomly in my dreams
though you
were there for me
those were the days

i'm so over it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

this blog is ALIVE..

HELLO everyone. hehe. sorry for not updating my blog kay.

okay. i should start with Rachel's surprise party.

me, yein mun, kaishan, hong yee, julian, kheng wei, jovy, yueji, henry n sarah jane. alvin joined us in rachel's house. before that we all were in ming tien. rachel was definately surprised larh. go to henry's blog for the video.

1st may. wesak day.
did sales instead of washing. yea mann!. met this new guy called Ferry from Monash. yes. i know. not too sure how to spell his name either.! =/
2 superstar finalist came. jack n kibi . got photos larh duhh.. see hwee sann's blog. =)

friday. 4th of may.!
happy birthday rachel!!. went laundry at curve for dinner.
okay. photos. =) not so soon yet. there's some prob wid my thumbdrive.

saturday night. 5th of may.
went stadium malawati at shah alam. with my sister, tze xian, shin yee, wei ee, hwee sann, joey, derek, n 2 more of hwee sann's fren.
we're not BIG fans of this superstar competition. but we got vvip ticket. =) good view frem where we're sitting.
diana was the one we support more. but. she wasnt in the final. so. we supported henley instead of his competitor. orange. haha. and yes!. henley won. woohoo~
at the same time. we saw nicholas teo n penny tai.

sunday. shopping!.out for be-earlied mother's day dinner with grandma n cousin.

yea. i've been out every night since friday. reach home obviously after 12 midnight for friday n saturday. haha.

i am sleeeepy.. i miss my bed. *yawn*

i just remembered. din blog bout my job. haha.
i've been working in mont kiara under Crabtree & Evelyn for d pass 1 n a half month. data entry n operator.
quite fun. get good pay. n sometimes get to go hartamas n jalan ipoh for lunch. haha.
oh and.. SIZZLING HAWT korean n japanese guys..

back to work now. toodles~