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Sunday, May 27, 2007


i got tagged by jun liang.. so yea.

Name hot girls and guys you know (min 10).Rate them and state their status. Then tag 5 people.

1. ms. young tze xian

10/10 la duhh. she rocks totally. thanks for always being there.
Single n available. *hint*

*photo not available.*

2. mr. choo wei ee
9/10 well. to my bestest buddy. who sayangs me alooot.....
um. single.. i think.. kinda more of the complicated side.

3. ms. choo hwee sann

10/10 thanks for always being there too.. i loove u.
taken. =)

4. mr. tan sian hoo

um. okay lar.. 8/10 see i give face kay. later u say 'beta sakit hati' lolx.

5. ms. rachel bimbotic chong

hmm. she deserves a 10. for being a sizzling hawt bimbo n a great friend.
single. uh.. not.

6. mr. yip kaishan

see. a good 8/10 rating leh..

7. ms. lee shzen yee

10!!. another bimbotic. friggin 'hiao' darling of mine. lurve her thou.
uh.. single i guess. i duno actually. hehe. *paiseh*

8. mr. chew jet ming
uh. 8 la.. since he's nice. ONCE in a while. bleh..
single.. !

9. ms. chew yinxie

i give a.. 10 outa 10. she's my sista!.
and .. taken.

10. mr. hafiz!

8/10 =) he's in malacca now.

okay. now i tag..

tze xian.
hwee sann.
chee hoe.


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