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Monday, June 4, 2007

uh.. uni..

Basically. uni life. uh. sux..big time.. started class on the 28th of may.. lectures were friggin boring kay. n we have to be there early. or we'll have to sit all the way at the enndddddddddd of the class.. which u barely can see the slide with all those heads infront.

okay . talking bout uni. my class isn't that bad. well. you must be thinking my class is full of lalas.. uh. its not that bad actually. infact most of them dresses erm. normally. =) lala memang got lar.. duhh.. there's bout 25 humans in my class consist of all chinese except one. she's an indian. but she's nice. some from johor. one from sarawak, one from sabah, n a pair of twins!.

so. UTAR. people there speaks chinese. so.. those who can speak english (dun need to be perfect english) .. can be counted..

eg. i met yann shun n vincent before my class. so. the 3 of us comunicated in english. then my fren was like. do u normally speaks english? you must be good at it..

so. get what i meant? oh well. i'm gonna continue.

i love my friday timetable. classes starts at 8am, ends at 10am. =)

so enough of uni..

i spent my whole weekend slacking n slumbering. not wanting to do anything. n not forgettin the moodswings.. my cousins were here for the weekends. one of them is 10 n the other 12. so yea. the boys were maple-ing basically the whole day!. n the girl. kinda joined them .

and shopping! went curve on sunday. bought a pair of flats. for uni use. i'm not gonna wear my sport shoe everyday... my sis wanted a new pair of shoe.. but too bad.. no size. haha.!.

this week's fcukin hectic.. 3 events coming up. 2 is a must to attend. n i have classes.. n dental appointment. n random events popping out of no where. which totally explain my mood swing...

so . forgive me if i in a way offended u kay.


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