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Friday, June 15, 2007


i haven been blogging much lately.. credits to uni. urgh. oh n my streamyx line. thank you thunderstorm.

lets see. .where should i start.. hmm..

event no 1.

last saturday then. went temple meeting but the meeting was reeaaaaaalllllllyyyyy short. hehe. n i was HUNGRY. so after meeting, we (me, my sis, hwee sann n wei ee) went to my house. n then went to williams for dinner.

i know 'the usual gang' will be there. so yea. i appeared there.!. hehe. jeez. i miss them sooo much.. rach n i were suppose to have our talk. but we were sitting sooo far apart. =( because it was raining so williams was superb crowded. so they decided to leave to i duno where n my mom din let me follow.


my family all went to shuh na's house. the 4 of us, sann, ee, my sis n i kinda disturbed them. we went there with our stomach filled but the people in the house has empty stomach.

so they ate banana shared a bottle of vitagen and egg.! .

that's all for that story.

event no 2.

i had computer studies on wednesdays n thursdays. we have new lecturer every week! jeez. n it's only the 3rd week of class. the lecturers were like goood to baaad... first was ms. law zhe zhe.. she good. n nice. n pretty..

then we have this mr i-forgotten-his-name. the way he teach is sucky. but better than the 3rd one..

next we have *drumrolls* ms. low something something. i couldn't remember. she's huge, talks clearly WITHOUT using the microphone, DO NOT use the com n projector.. okay in conclusion. she sux.. she's suppose to teach us bout the COMPUTER, instead she went on n on bout how to edit commercials, music videos n claims if she gives us break time, she wont b able to finish it.

event no 3.
my classmates. =) i'll elaborate more when i get all their photos..

okay that's all. i really have no idea what else to write since i havent been blogging much. and nothing much interesting been happening lately.

i so damn miss cheerleading..

oh n random photos i finally found.

darling shuenz n i. =) wesak day float.
xian. me n wei ee. project superstar concert.

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