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i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Monday, April 23, 2007

happy birthday!.

happy belated birthday to:

april 21st.

Max Ooi my standard six class mate. =)


Teck Guan my school mate. =) n a great friend.

happy 18th birthday.

april 22nd.

my sister!. (: love lots~


fei wen bf. lolx. Fan Jia Wei. (*fei wen = rumoured) shh... it's a whole long long long story. haha

happy 19th birthday.

and Chi Ching. another standard 6 class mate.

happy 18th birthday. =)

and the upcoming birthdays..:

Dexter.! (april 27th) miss him loads.

Jing Chen.
Rachel Chong.
both on 4th of may.

happy birthday!. *hugs n kisses*

Sunday, April 15, 2007


i realise.

all my weekends is like full.
this weekend is the only weekend i was able to spend time wid family.


morning. again. i went to temple. youths from labis came to interact with da xue yuan's youth. which is us.
well. the interaction went on just fine.
for photos. check out hwee sann's blog.

afternoon. went to chop of my hair. lolx. jk. it was just a haircut. =)
then to utar to pay fees. yes. i'm gonna continue studying in utar. foundation in arts.
oh n i went to my old house wid mama n papa. meet up wid all the aunties n uncles.drank 2 sips of baileys

night. went temple for a talk. was kinda forced to go. just to avoid scolding.. hehe.
i dont understand most of what the person was talking bout.
after that went mamak. for drink actually. then my fren started cracking jokes bout food.


went ampang for yong tou foo. it's considered as lunch actually.
then ikano. suppose to be shopping for skirt. but couldn't find a nice suitable one.
my darling brother called my dad ask my dad to pick him up. scouts camp over. ruin my shopping plan. yeish.

he was like 'mummy. i ate 8 eggs this morning. correct answer get an egg, wrong answer get an egg. yinli's brother get extra 4 eggs. so in total i ate 8 eggs'
i stunt.! 'i am innocent!.'
well. my sister : 'whoa. yinli's brother also kena extra eggs.. dai sei!.'
mum: 'you cannot eat eggs for the next few days.'
everyone in the car was laughing. except my grandmother. cuz she dont understand our conversation. lolx.

after that. my brother was telling us bout the chicken which was damn nice. according to him .=)
bro: 'eh che. you know who's sir aiman? curly hair. looks very familiar. i think i've seen him before.'
me: 'haha. yea. of course you've seen him before. in langkawi remember?'
bro: 'oh he was training my patrol. =)' then. my brother started to immitate him.
my sister n i was laughing for d next 5 minutes.

at night. no power. dad was upset. watching F1. last lap ade then no electric. lolx. luckily i just finish bathing. =)
my brother was demostrating the things he learnt in camp. damn funny.

overall. a great weekend spent. =)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Love.

yes. i've found new love.
well. instead of chocolate, i've change to honey.
honey is cheaper than chocolate.
honey is healthier.
honey is natural. :)
chocolate is fattening.
chocolate is facing shortage.. soon. :(
chocolate is expensive. except in langkawi. my dream escape.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Universal Nite Celebration.

crabtree & evelyn's annual dinner. =) i love this weih. why?
i'm a part timer. but i get to attend.
i'm new. work for erm i think a month only.
i dont have to pay for d food.
get to sit at the main table!. *claps*
i get a RM125 worth of 'goodie bag'.*smiles*
get another 2 more prizes for participation.


those people really dress up weih. i was like plain. really plain. :(
well. i'll let the photos do the talking. :)

the office staffs.

office staffs again. the guy in white. my boss.

group photo.

yes.there's only 2 men in the whole company

nominees for best dress ladies..
now you get what i mean by really dress up.

Vivian n I.

Scottish Girl aka Audrey n I.

best dress, wei yii n i.

my 125 bucks goodie bag. =)
i blog bout video shooting with superstar contestants quite sometime ago.
well. for those who wants to view the video. go tho this site.

Monday, April 2, 2007

emo post.

Yinli is feeling emo.
1. no credit.
2. the mtv didn't turn out to be nice.
3. cut my toe in graveyard.
4. heard creepy sounds in graveyard that dad claims it's made by
monkeys. *so fake*
5. getting fatter.
6. sleepy.
7. have not receive my chocolate yet.
8. heard too many emo songs. *blames radio*
9. it's very cold!. in the office. Adidas jacket is NOT helping.
10. It's very hot!. outside
11. tze xian got a new phone.
12. annual dinner is tomorrow
13. just feel like being emo.
14. no reason not to be emo.
15. =(
16. disappointed.
17. again disappointed.
18. tze xian claims that the way i laughed that day was
the laughter of emo.
19. miss a particular moment. *not to be disclosed.*
no rewards for correct guesses.
20. miss a particular person. *not to be disclosed*
no rewards for correct guesses.
it's a good thing that today is A working day.
not any special day.
no special celebration. no visitors. if not...
there's another 234567 amount of reasons n complains
i wanna blog about
for safety reasons
you wont see it here.