hello readers. (:
the weather is on a roller coaster ride so do take care.
i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
incase you can't get me on maxis number, call or text my digi.

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lotsa love.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

saturdays i lovee..

dental. (: few more months and no more bracey smile! woohoo.

the main reason i came back is firstly for dental. and 2ndly. to see this fella *refer to picture below* swim.


totally candid alright..

tell me i hav bad photography skill and i dont care.
that's his legs in the red circle.

what a waste. this guy in the red circle was really hot!. but couldn't get 1st as his hand got caught in the platform or something. oh well. none of my business.

*loves!!!!* it comes in white and blue. (:

seafood toufu. <3

marble cheese brownies.. yumm.. homemade laa duhh.
orders anyone?

what do you get when you dye your hair without using gloves?


oh and you people.
nice seeing some of you when i went back.
it was a warm welcome duhh.

Friday, July 25, 2008

i'm back for the weekends. (:
feels good to be back home and pampered.
ahh. home sweet home...

anyhow anyway..
more photos on kampar.

ONE of our random cookout for dinner.

steamboat on a rainy day.. yummm...

omg it's QT at 8am. which means one word. boringgg...

the sunsett.. *loves*

my woman. (:

my another woman. (:

i will be more alert.
it was scary alright.
buckle up and go!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

all smiles. (:

finally :
- the internet is up.
- i can online.
- i can keep this blog updated.
- my assignments are all done.
- i had my fun. whee~.

the not so good part is that it's all the midterms week. boohoo.

updates on my rebelious weekend:

my loves. hee.

more photos and videos coming up. (:

oh well i'm coming back this weekend.

yein mun promise to cheng me. yay!.

tze xian i friggin miss you. ):
i emo because we didnt get to go movie or karaoke. boo..

someone either couldn't bloody hear her alarm OR she for got to turn it off. mahaiiii.
soo annoying...

the yellow rose cindy placed in the vase on the table is a beauty..

oh no. off i hav to go study. having 'Financial Instutition Operation' midterm 2 later. and damn i haven study i single thing.

p/s: thanks for being there for me.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

i'm back.

and i had fun.

shopping and yum cha.

xian i miss you.

now i'm leaving.

laadeedaa. hee..

okay. it's random i know.

just to prove i'm still alive. (: