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i'll be pretty occupied with assignments and final year project. note to self: i'm a year THREE student. fml. haha!
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Friday, January 29, 2010

rant- exaggeration

woke up late this morning. went to uni looking like aunty. HAHA. went to class feeling happy cuz i did my tutorial although not complete laah. MANATAUU.. i did the wrong one. stooopid. 

sum of my spendings for this two weeks is approx RM400. 
includes daily expenditures (ie: meals), entertainment (movies, badminton), random dinner at random places. :D , birthday celebrations, french class

yupp. i've decided to take up french lessons provided by uni. it's only 190 for the course and there's no exam to it. how nice. twice a week two hours class and you've got something new. how worth it. besides it's with a bunch of classmates. so why not. mom says yes. (: 

heading back home this weekend but just a short trip since the besties say wanna go shopping in kl. ditching utar ball although it's gonna be super dai cuz it's held in palace of the golden horses and the tix is only 118 per person. why ditch right? cuz the next day is assignment due date. =.= and thats the week where midterms and deadlines piles up. so yea. 

should start on my assignments already. 1st one is due the week before cny. fml. havent start reading those journals. literature reviews etc. EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT HAS LITERATURE REVIEW. *bangs wall* refers to  previous post saying difficulties increased by a whole 200%. yes i'm exaggerating. 

my tutor for legal framework puts us to sleep, credit analysis lagi teruk. talk damn alot of crap and say that we dont have to know about that. then why tell us laaah. sohai. super lanci samore. super pro at blabbing. thats why can be tutor laaah. lol. (inside joke) XD

it's the month end and we quarreled quite abit. sigh. pms moments. haha. but we're good now. although he ignores me like 98% of the time. nevertheless i  still love him to bits. *blush and i'm giving Andy advice cuz his girlf just left for Canada. he's coping with the time difference etc. macam damn pro aje. wtf.

lately am addicted to 'the man who can't be moved, by The Script.' super nice i tell youuuu.. thank you Felicia Grace for lending me her speaker. her new speakers damn power kay. i pinjam her old one. actually i asked from her laa. but still it works the same way. hehe. thanks love. (: 

been bonding much with the housemates ever since the 'incident' of things getting stolen. booh. my remaining half a packet of rice went missing. wtf. not to say cannot give you also. you want then ask for permission laah.  wu liao. everyday they rant about their things being stolen and bitching about the new girl. damn mean!. *grin. the foundation people are having their finals soon. all the best!. 

enough ranting. time to start work. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's vegas yo!.

it's week 2 already. today's like the only day i stay in uni for so damn long. haha. seriously.
all my classes are like 4 hours class, then 3 hours break and 1.5 hours of tutorial. sohai betul. 
2 hours of class then 3 hours break and 1.5 hours of tutorial. 

it's utar kampar. 3 hours of staying in uni is uhm. hahhaaaaaaa.. normally we go take a nap. then back to uni. :D 

anyhow. PHOTOS. 

we were bored laaah there were plenty of time to kill. so we hung out at the booth.

Winnee's work of 'art'. XD 

a lil more cacated. hehee. *click to enlarge.* 

guess who's finger? 


us. (: 

went for dinner with Calvin and Hung Wan for the 1st time after attending the same lecture for one and a half year. haha. so. PHOTOS. (:

the people: 


Hung Wan


the FOOD!!: 

cheese something something. Winnee says okay lerr. 

Calvin's Obama chicken burger.

my fish burger. am loving the sauce. (:

Hung Wan's Obama. 

the portion is huge and the price is reasonable. range between RM7.50- RM11.90. the taste is there too.  

'finall  place where food can be eaten' (Winnee, 2009) 

i think it's only available in Kampar lorr. so you want you come. (: 

it's Vegas!!

some may think it's a lil pricey for burger. there's always a 2nd choice and a cheaper choice of Ramly burger. yupyup. it's good too. 

omg. i think there's something wrong with my phone. rawrrrrr.. 

it commit suicide by falling down from the tissue box above the stationary box. 
now there's two extra lines at the bottom left corner of the screen. stoopid. 

oh and the cut on my arm. LAGI STOOPID. 

note to self: be less clumsy. oh and compromise more. 


Sunday, January 24, 2010

i'm over 153!!

i went to Genting someday beginning this month and took some photos there. am loving the weather there. 

princess yang seems to be not very happy. 


i'm PETITE and lovin it. 


it's only the 1st weekend and it seems like i have a long way to go.. already dated all the dead-lines. 
really should start with all the journals and articles reading plus research. but. HAHAH. shh. (: 

next post!. 
trip to sg.klah hotspring. 

note: ehh. the new editor quite cool lehh.. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

of glamorous 21st parties and fun times.

click for larger view
my 1st try on panaroma shot using my c901. hehe.
that's the landscape between block H and I.
comment comment!. :D

week 1 of class was not too good. boohoo. subjects difficulties increased like 200%. okay laaa that's exaggerating. the subjects are all on research journals articles. in preparation for thesis next semester.

hangging out with the best friends again feels soo damn good. going for dimsum on random mornings, cooking dinner together, hangging out as if there's nothing else better to do, going for movies all the way in ipoh. loves loves.

highlight of the week.
'woohoo' outing with ChiaHui, XiShun, Shirley and John. thumbs up for that movie!.

Jefei and i. the other girls didn't get a chance to take picture with them. blek.

calvin's 21st birthday party's afterparty at 21st.
i missed the party at grand kampar hotel cuz HAHA. i didn't know i'm invited. *shy*
drank a lil too much at the afterparty. damn tipsy weih. hehe.. but still manage to get up for 8am class the next day. surprisingly!. but the class ended 30 minutes later. like wtf.

finally. my room is clean. like super duper clean. yayy!!.

it's gonna be a quiet friday night yo..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


while the loved one is still asleep. i decided to blog abit while waiting for my friend to pick me up to uni.

the time now is: 4. 53am. FML much. have to reach uni at 5.30am. why so early? cuz i'm going down to pj campus for the HSBC workshop thingy.
didnt on the lights so my only source of light in the room will be my lappie. dont wanna wake the loved one. cuz i already woke him up several times when my alarm rang. SEVERAL times. :D
i'm pretty good at procrastinating yo.

i'ma miss him. ): for the pass one month we met like almost everyday except for weekends and certain days. thank you very much boyf. now i'll have to get used again to living without him. it's not THAT hard cuz i've been doing that for the pass one year already. and i did great. yupyup. self compliment. hehe..

now now peeps. DO CLICK ON MY ADS PLEASEEEEEE.. muncho loves tauuu.. (:


Monday, January 18, 2010

Year 2 Sem 3 - Day 1

Monday!. classes started edi. *pout

it's only the 1st day of classes. 2 lecture class and 1 tutorial class.
none of the class ended early. boo.

tiring sial. after class came back and nap.
at the brighter side, it's good. money well made use of. haha..


what's wrong with the weather lately weihh. it's FUREEGHIN HOT!!.


why why whyyyyy???

not happy. one day bath 10 thousand times. rawrrrrr..

sore throat ):
it's effecting the ears too. ):
then somewhat shoulder also pain. ):
not good.

BUT. boyf is here now. thank you for temaning me. hehe. thank you super awesome. hehehe.
love much. xoxo.

off to PJ campus tomorrow for HSBC Entrepreneurship competition workshop.
have a great week ahead peeps!. (:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the i-don't-wanna-go-back emo post

SEEEE. it's THURSDAY alreadyyyyyyyy..

I'm pretty satisfied with my current semester break. :D it was pretty awesome.
there was xmas party, lotsa movie outing, hangout sessions, new year party, genting walk walk, Zoo, Malls. etc. family time beats all. loves.

lasts week:
sunday, outing with Winnee, Kok Han and Shirley.
monday, outing with Winnee, Kok Han, Shirley and Chee Yong. Super Awesome did drop by a while. (:
tuesday, outing with Winnee, Kok Han, Shirley, Grace and John.
wednesday, outing with Super Awesome.
thursday, stayed home.
friday, i stayed home too. *i think*
saturday, Super Awesome's youngest sister's birthday party.
sunday, Wan Kien's birthday party.
monday, movie with Super Awesome.
tuesday, outing with Tze Xian.
wednesday, outing with UNGGUL cheer peeps.


had an awesome day with Kent and Rayner for lunch. and Super Awesome for tea. :D
met old old friend Kah Weng and Shu Yee today in old town too.

thank you for the Japanese meal, Kent. and Rayner for entertaining. It was great hanging out with you both. (: more more stories kayy. ps: Astro beyond!!. HD is friggin niceeeee..

The Old Lady mumbling edi. ): means tmr cannot go out. *POUT*


i'm feeling like this now.


yupp. it's mixed. dont really feel like going back.
where else can be better with the comfort of home??

i super love this photo.
I'm gonna leave Super Awesome behind. ):
fucking emo kayy.
look on the brighter side. Super Awesome can go kap lui. ):
He is allowed to. HAHA!!.


yours truly,

ME. (:


time to pack up and get into the study mood. boohoo..

I'm going back to kampar THIS SUNDAY. ): coming back on TUESDAY for workshop on HSBC Entrepreneur thingy.

The Super Awesome is gonna be sending me back on sunday. fingers crossed for green light from Mrs. Super Awesome. note: referring to his mom. hopefully mrs. super awesome dont see this.

on a brighter note.
i'll be seeing everyone else. my girls and classmates and oh so famous 777 peeps. love them all to bits. not forgetting my housemates. gosh i miss them..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

its the time again.

it's one month to chinese new year. how fast time flies.

my semester break is coming to an end too. *pout
but look at the bright side. back to kampar.
i miss my freedom there. XD WHATTT.. shhh..

BUT. i'll miss the boyf and the time i spent to rot here.
I've been going out PUREETEEE often lately. like EVERYDAY!. :))
different event and occasion everyday. different people.
family time has never been better.
besides saturday morning swimming. other times will be spent doing chores or rotting.
did i mention i don't like doing chores like sweeping and ironing? anything that doesnt require water i dun like.
mopping and washing car i like!.
NO. i know what you're thinking. (:

i guess it's about time to be baking cookies before leaving for kampar.
sis has finals soon so prolly they'll do the 2nd batch. i dunnoo.
one month abit the too early rite??
it's procrastination. :D

yes i do get emo everytime going back to kampar.
no more home cooked food. no more saturday morning swimming.
no more waking up early for laundry. BUMMERS.

outing with tzexian later. love love!. shall go prep soon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

it's filled with love.

hello. (:

it has been a super busy pass weekend. with the visit from my girls!. love love.
we went to most of the major shopping malls in pj.
day 1: Times Square, Williams.
day 2: Bak Kut Teh @ Klang, Sunway Piramid, Curve, Murni Discovery @ Aman Suria.
day 3: 1 Utama.
day 4: Genting. :D

fun much.
haven't been doing such hardcore walking for 4 days continuously. super tiring.

CY, Me, Shirley, Winnee and Kok Han.

see you all back in kampar. (:


next photo

xmas dinner with relatives.

dishes of the day. fureeghin yummy.


next up. boyf!. i have not neglected him laah. at least not as much as he does.
ngek ngek.

we've been meeting up pretty often.
taken in mcD's midvalley on our malls deco trips.

sweet much. :D try not to get diabetic. haha
just kidding.


uni's starting really soon. result's out too. i didn't do well. ):
shall work even more harder next semester to lessen the burden.

thats all for now.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st post of 2010

it's a new year and i had lotsa fun.

barbeque with boyf and his friends.
too bad i have to leave early. YES I DO STILL HAVE CURFEW. SO WHAT?
i'm a really shy, quiet person among new people.
for those who knows laaah. IT HAPPENS AROUND OLD FRIENDS TOO. i dont know why.
so for once i agreed to go meet boyf's friends.
actually not the 1st time laah. met some of them during movie outing last year.
i think i did pretty well this time. still shy laa. but got talk. :D
so i'm pretty proud of myself. hahaaaa.

lately being a lil more to myself. why arh?
i'm thinking of privatize my blog and my other applications.. but then what for leh? lol.

tak tau lerrrrr.

new year. new resolution. new me.
fingers crossed.

OOOH. striking colours is LOVE.. (: totally random i know.

Yi Ling and Hong Yee!. love love!. happy 21st!.