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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


while the loved one is still asleep. i decided to blog abit while waiting for my friend to pick me up to uni.

the time now is: 4. 53am. FML much. have to reach uni at 5.30am. why so early? cuz i'm going down to pj campus for the HSBC workshop thingy.
didnt on the lights so my only source of light in the room will be my lappie. dont wanna wake the loved one. cuz i already woke him up several times when my alarm rang. SEVERAL times. :D
i'm pretty good at procrastinating yo.

i'ma miss him. ): for the pass one month we met like almost everyday except for weekends and certain days. thank you very much boyf. now i'll have to get used again to living without him. it's not THAT hard cuz i've been doing that for the pass one year already. and i did great. yupyup. self compliment. hehe..

now now peeps. DO CLICK ON MY ADS PLEASEEEEEE.. muncho loves tauuu.. (:


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