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Thursday, January 14, 2010

the i-don't-wanna-go-back emo post

SEEEE. it's THURSDAY alreadyyyyyyyy..

I'm pretty satisfied with my current semester break. :D it was pretty awesome.
there was xmas party, lotsa movie outing, hangout sessions, new year party, genting walk walk, Zoo, Malls. etc. family time beats all. loves.

lasts week:
sunday, outing with Winnee, Kok Han and Shirley.
monday, outing with Winnee, Kok Han, Shirley and Chee Yong. Super Awesome did drop by a while. (:
tuesday, outing with Winnee, Kok Han, Shirley, Grace and John.
wednesday, outing with Super Awesome.
thursday, stayed home.
friday, i stayed home too. *i think*
saturday, Super Awesome's youngest sister's birthday party.
sunday, Wan Kien's birthday party.
monday, movie with Super Awesome.
tuesday, outing with Tze Xian.
wednesday, outing with UNGGUL cheer peeps.


had an awesome day with Kent and Rayner for lunch. and Super Awesome for tea. :D
met old old friend Kah Weng and Shu Yee today in old town too.

thank you for the Japanese meal, Kent. and Rayner for entertaining. It was great hanging out with you both. (: more more stories kayy. ps: Astro beyond!!. HD is friggin niceeeee..

The Old Lady mumbling edi. ): means tmr cannot go out. *POUT*


i'm feeling like this now.


yupp. it's mixed. dont really feel like going back.
where else can be better with the comfort of home??

i super love this photo.
I'm gonna leave Super Awesome behind. ):
fucking emo kayy.
look on the brighter side. Super Awesome can go kap lui. ):
He is allowed to. HAHA!!.


yours truly,

ME. (:


time to pack up and get into the study mood. boohoo..

I'm going back to kampar THIS SUNDAY. ): coming back on TUESDAY for workshop on HSBC Entrepreneur thingy.

The Super Awesome is gonna be sending me back on sunday. fingers crossed for green light from Mrs. Super Awesome. note: referring to his mom. hopefully mrs. super awesome dont see this.

on a brighter note.
i'll be seeing everyone else. my girls and classmates and oh so famous 777 peeps. love them all to bits. not forgetting my housemates. gosh i miss them..


©haryene said...

dun emo kay.

*sayang sayang*


yinli said...

thank you deariee! <3
see you back in kampar!.