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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

its the time again.

it's one month to chinese new year. how fast time flies.

my semester break is coming to an end too. *pout
but look at the bright side. back to kampar.
i miss my freedom there. XD WHATTT.. shhh..

BUT. i'll miss the boyf and the time i spent to rot here.
I've been going out PUREETEEE often lately. like EVERYDAY!. :))
different event and occasion everyday. different people.
family time has never been better.
besides saturday morning swimming. other times will be spent doing chores or rotting.
did i mention i don't like doing chores like sweeping and ironing? anything that doesnt require water i dun like.
mopping and washing car i like!.
NO. i know what you're thinking. (:

i guess it's about time to be baking cookies before leaving for kampar.
sis has finals soon so prolly they'll do the 2nd batch. i dunnoo.
one month abit the too early rite??
it's procrastination. :D

yes i do get emo everytime going back to kampar.
no more home cooked food. no more saturday morning swimming.
no more waking up early for laundry. BUMMERS.

outing with tzexian later. love love!. shall go prep soon.

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