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Friday, January 29, 2010

rant- exaggeration

woke up late this morning. went to uni looking like aunty. HAHA. went to class feeling happy cuz i did my tutorial although not complete laah. MANATAUU.. i did the wrong one. stooopid. 

sum of my spendings for this two weeks is approx RM400. 
includes daily expenditures (ie: meals), entertainment (movies, badminton), random dinner at random places. :D , birthday celebrations, french class

yupp. i've decided to take up french lessons provided by uni. it's only 190 for the course and there's no exam to it. how nice. twice a week two hours class and you've got something new. how worth it. besides it's with a bunch of classmates. so why not. mom says yes. (: 

heading back home this weekend but just a short trip since the besties say wanna go shopping in kl. ditching utar ball although it's gonna be super dai cuz it's held in palace of the golden horses and the tix is only 118 per person. why ditch right? cuz the next day is assignment due date. =.= and thats the week where midterms and deadlines piles up. so yea. 

should start on my assignments already. 1st one is due the week before cny. fml. havent start reading those journals. literature reviews etc. EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT HAS LITERATURE REVIEW. *bangs wall* refers to  previous post saying difficulties increased by a whole 200%. yes i'm exaggerating. 

my tutor for legal framework puts us to sleep, credit analysis lagi teruk. talk damn alot of crap and say that we dont have to know about that. then why tell us laaah. sohai. super lanci samore. super pro at blabbing. thats why can be tutor laaah. lol. (inside joke) XD

it's the month end and we quarreled quite abit. sigh. pms moments. haha. but we're good now. although he ignores me like 98% of the time. nevertheless i  still love him to bits. *blush and i'm giving Andy advice cuz his girlf just left for Canada. he's coping with the time difference etc. macam damn pro aje. wtf.

lately am addicted to 'the man who can't be moved, by The Script.' super nice i tell youuuu.. thank you Felicia Grace for lending me her speaker. her new speakers damn power kay. i pinjam her old one. actually i asked from her laa. but still it works the same way. hehe. thanks love. (: 

been bonding much with the housemates ever since the 'incident' of things getting stolen. booh. my remaining half a packet of rice went missing. wtf. not to say cannot give you also. you want then ask for permission laah.  wu liao. everyday they rant about their things being stolen and bitching about the new girl. damn mean!. *grin. the foundation people are having their finals soon. all the best!. 

enough ranting. time to start work. 


©haryene said...

haha agree!

those lecturers and tutors are super boring and they r sleeping pils to us.

n I most benci da super lan c C&L tutor.. c da look also wanna 大巴大巴 slap his talkative mouth :x rofl

yinli said...

hahaa. go slap laah really super lansi weih him. yerrr.