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Sunday, March 21, 2010

hmm. i've decided. to stop project 365. why? cuz i am busy. hahaa. yea right. well. i dont really go take photo of something everyday and people like me, super last minute tend to wait till the very eleventh hour to do my things. and thus. hahaha. like that. oops.. this definitely will disappoint some people namely the boyf and kerrkay who got me to start it off.

BUT. for a change. there'll be at least a photo uploaded in every post. and i'll make it a habit to post at least 3 times a week. *fingers crossed*

my lifestyle has became upside down. since thursday.

it was Winnee's birthday. so we went for a drink for fun session. suppose to be Winnee, Raymond and yours trully. 
1st round at Law's. crazy people mixed a bowl of stout and beer and in pairs, are suppose to sip em all up using straws. it s a competition. loser pair gets another bowl. we realise they were crazy, after two rounds decided to leave.
hungry we were, went to 21st for some lala. thought it was abit quiet. so in the end Lettter, Stephanie and Angela came. it was a nice relax drinking night. 

friday night, I was hungry. Raymond IM-ed  so we went dinner together at gold label. we didnt know we sat and talked for 2 hours plus and it was almost one edi. then Chee Yong text to ask find out where we were. Raymond already can see wanna drink edi wan. so yea. 21st AGAIN.  Jenny came to join us later that night. it was another relaxed drinking night. 

saturday, dinner time. hungry laa dei. samore bored. 
i suggested McD. Letter say stupid. go all the way for McD then come back. 
then Letter was kinda pump to go for some drought at Barroom. Raymond say crazy
so smart plan was to buy burger from the stall next to ghany, head to 21st for some drinks. 

while we were having dinner... 

wooih. extraordinary plan lorh. do all. WTF. go for McD, then head to Barroom, then come back buy burger and head to 21st. 

ngam ngam Jenny came and she's going to Barroom. Letter and Chee Yong got pumped. haha. persuaded Raymond and I to go. thus off we head to Barroom for clubbing. 
i had PURE SKY JUICE that night. i didn't drink cuz i went to the chinese chiropractic (tit da) in the afternoon. 

their drinks. Raymond and Chee Yong

Raymond. uhm ahhaaa..

Jenny and I. 

group photos are not with me. soo haha no group photo. but the only person missing here is Letter. booh.

incase you're wondering. extraordinary plan stopped at McD. cuz haha. drunktards. :P and it was raining.

soooooo.. one weekend, drinking session 2 days in a row, with one clubbing session,

so who ask me drink i cincang dia.. (Sio, R., 2010)

next post up: Winnee's birthday. stay tuned.


Saturday, March 13, 2010


it's boyf's 24th birthday.
since i missed his graduation, due to assignments and midterm, i decided to go surprise him by turning up at his work place.
took the morning train to kl sentral then lrt and then to curve. it was a long journey. tiring much. considering the fact that i didn't have enough sleep the night before.

was on the phone with boyf then housemate came to knock on my door and shove a thermometer in my face. HAHA. literally laaa. the temperature was really high. without hesitating. i insist that we head to the hospital. as i dont think there's any 24 hours clinic in kampar.. our trip there was horrifying. haha. creepy much. wouldn't have expect the hospital to be uphill. and there's not much street lamp around. but but we came back SAFELY. oh did i mention i drove. :D 

not relevant to the topic.

okay okay continue.

after arriving at the curve, boyf said he has no lunch. as lunch time is meeting. booh. VERY SADDENING LORH. so i went to the nearest spot with wi-fi and sat down while waiting. boyf's friend Chien Hui was texting me to make sure i'm okay. hehe.
after an hour or so. Chien Hui called to let me know boyf's meeting over edi. so i called him. and he came to look for me and we went for lunch with his colleagues.
his manager say he can have the rest of the day off now that i was there. I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM KAMPAR KAYY. hahaa. kidding laaah. didn't expect that he'll get the rest of the day off.
later that evening, went for dinner with his family at Subang.

i could still make it back by train actually but he insist that he'll send me back to Kampar. TEEHEE. i was very very tired so i slept all the way back.

thanks for sending me back boyf. you  had to rush to work next morning because of me. *shy.
glad you were happy. hehe. it was a good day indeed.

happy 24th birthday, old man!. mwah. ily.

project 365 # 21-26

the internet connection here at my place has been pretty bad.. so another one shot uploads. :D

#21: Shun's 21st :D

#22: Shan's 21st :D

#23: it's lotterIES!

#24: meat bone tea trip

#25: hot sunny day

#26: be-earlied birthdays

the photos will do the explanation of what happened throughout the week. :D 

Monday, March 8, 2010


you know what?  f you. yes. you. 
who you think i am? super woman? i dont have brains that works in seconds okay. the due date is just a day away and you effing cant make an effort to send over earlier. already mention that 2 days before due date MUST MUST send over and you just ignore it.. it's not the 1st time okay. 
you think only you have to study meh? i also have to sit for the exact same paper as you're gonna take.. i also have to study wan okay. can you be less ignorant please? 
its an assignment without final paper and our coursework has to be superb. BUT all the last minute work how to the hell it's gonna be awesome? 
get a life lah kay. you're effing annoying. and you probably didnt realise it. 
i dont even care if you read this. 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

project 365 #13 - #20: chapalang


haven't been updating much. BUT. it's a Saturday and i thought i should. 

it's about time to pump up the cheer spirit!! wait.  what spirit?? 
fine. cheerleading days are way over. 
i need to get back my study mood and assignment mood. procrastination has up-leveled and the others went down. booh. 

so in order to start up the cheer hardworking spirit, firstly i should start by updating my blog. SO. here i am. (: 

wondering why i refer to cheer spirit much? i miss cheer. although i'm not a pro. just enjoy the sport. very much. 


#13: taiping chau kuey teow

went to Taiping with daddy to pick up grandma. suppose to follow them back to PJ. BUT. assignment due date and midterms are all pilled up together.  bobian. 

#14: Felicia Grace's cookie

my housemate Felicia's back from her semester break. COOKIESSS!!. Lovees!!. speaking of. i have another 3 more tupperwares of cookie to finish. and it's all related to choc. :D

#15: Research method assignment

spent the whole day preparing that for the presentation. WHICH went well. surprisingly. before that i was dead worried as i think i did it wrongly. *shy 
thanks for the co-operation  groupies!.

#16: nap in the library

3 hours break in between and don't feel like going back? stay in the library for a nap. 

#17: before french class

je suis etudiante.
guys fooling around before class.

#18: lemon binti raymond

sitting all the way at the last row. its super cold there. raymond was shivering. 

#19: burnt by hot water

of carelessness and accidents. 


you love the surprise dont you. it was memorable. :D

SOOOOO.. that's my updates for the week. basically what happened throughout the week. 
did i mention i sprained my ankle AGAIN? oh i didnt? 

i sprained my ankle on monday.  silly much. nuff said.