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Saturday, March 6, 2010

project 365 #13 - #20: chapalang


haven't been updating much. BUT. it's a Saturday and i thought i should. 

it's about time to pump up the cheer spirit!! wait.  what spirit?? 
fine. cheerleading days are way over. 
i need to get back my study mood and assignment mood. procrastination has up-leveled and the others went down. booh. 

so in order to start up the cheer hardworking spirit, firstly i should start by updating my blog. SO. here i am. (: 

wondering why i refer to cheer spirit much? i miss cheer. although i'm not a pro. just enjoy the sport. very much. 


#13: taiping chau kuey teow

went to Taiping with daddy to pick up grandma. suppose to follow them back to PJ. BUT. assignment due date and midterms are all pilled up together.  bobian. 

#14: Felicia Grace's cookie

my housemate Felicia's back from her semester break. COOKIESSS!!. Lovees!!. speaking of. i have another 3 more tupperwares of cookie to finish. and it's all related to choc. :D

#15: Research method assignment

spent the whole day preparing that for the presentation. WHICH went well. surprisingly. before that i was dead worried as i think i did it wrongly. *shy 
thanks for the co-operation  groupies!.

#16: nap in the library

3 hours break in between and don't feel like going back? stay in the library for a nap. 

#17: before french class

je suis etudiante.
guys fooling around before class.

#18: lemon binti raymond

sitting all the way at the last row. its super cold there. raymond was shivering. 

#19: burnt by hot water

of carelessness and accidents. 


you love the surprise dont you. it was memorable. :D

SOOOOO.. that's my updates for the week. basically what happened throughout the week. 
did i mention i sprained my ankle AGAIN? oh i didnt? 

i sprained my ankle on monday.  silly much. nuff said. 

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