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Sunday, March 21, 2010

hmm. i've decided. to stop project 365. why? cuz i am busy. hahaa. yea right. well. i dont really go take photo of something everyday and people like me, super last minute tend to wait till the very eleventh hour to do my things. and thus. hahaha. like that. oops.. this definitely will disappoint some people namely the boyf and kerrkay who got me to start it off.

BUT. for a change. there'll be at least a photo uploaded in every post. and i'll make it a habit to post at least 3 times a week. *fingers crossed*

my lifestyle has became upside down. since thursday.

it was Winnee's birthday. so we went for a drink for fun session. suppose to be Winnee, Raymond and yours trully. 
1st round at Law's. crazy people mixed a bowl of stout and beer and in pairs, are suppose to sip em all up using straws. it s a competition. loser pair gets another bowl. we realise they were crazy, after two rounds decided to leave.
hungry we were, went to 21st for some lala. thought it was abit quiet. so in the end Lettter, Stephanie and Angela came. it was a nice relax drinking night. 

friday night, I was hungry. Raymond IM-ed  so we went dinner together at gold label. we didnt know we sat and talked for 2 hours plus and it was almost one edi. then Chee Yong text to ask find out where we were. Raymond already can see wanna drink edi wan. so yea. 21st AGAIN.  Jenny came to join us later that night. it was another relaxed drinking night. 

saturday, dinner time. hungry laa dei. samore bored. 
i suggested McD. Letter say stupid. go all the way for McD then come back. 
then Letter was kinda pump to go for some drought at Barroom. Raymond say crazy
so smart plan was to buy burger from the stall next to ghany, head to 21st for some drinks. 

while we were having dinner... 

wooih. extraordinary plan lorh. do all. WTF. go for McD, then head to Barroom, then come back buy burger and head to 21st. 

ngam ngam Jenny came and she's going to Barroom. Letter and Chee Yong got pumped. haha. persuaded Raymond and I to go. thus off we head to Barroom for clubbing. 
i had PURE SKY JUICE that night. i didn't drink cuz i went to the chinese chiropractic (tit da) in the afternoon. 

their drinks. Raymond and Chee Yong

Raymond. uhm ahhaaa..

Jenny and I. 

group photos are not with me. soo haha no group photo. but the only person missing here is Letter. booh.

incase you're wondering. extraordinary plan stopped at McD. cuz haha. drunktards. :P and it was raining.

soooooo.. one weekend, drinking session 2 days in a row, with one clubbing session,

so who ask me drink i cincang dia.. (Sio, R., 2010)

next post up: Winnee's birthday. stay tuned.



erwinator said...

project 365 is hard to maintain. lol! :-)

yinli said...

erwinator: haha yeaaaa. ): ):