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Saturday, March 13, 2010


it's boyf's 24th birthday.
since i missed his graduation, due to assignments and midterm, i decided to go surprise him by turning up at his work place.
took the morning train to kl sentral then lrt and then to curve. it was a long journey. tiring much. considering the fact that i didn't have enough sleep the night before.

was on the phone with boyf then housemate came to knock on my door and shove a thermometer in my face. HAHA. literally laaa. the temperature was really high. without hesitating. i insist that we head to the hospital. as i dont think there's any 24 hours clinic in kampar.. our trip there was horrifying. haha. creepy much. wouldn't have expect the hospital to be uphill. and there's not much street lamp around. but but we came back SAFELY. oh did i mention i drove. :D 

not relevant to the topic.

okay okay continue.

after arriving at the curve, boyf said he has no lunch. as lunch time is meeting. booh. VERY SADDENING LORH. so i went to the nearest spot with wi-fi and sat down while waiting. boyf's friend Chien Hui was texting me to make sure i'm okay. hehe.
after an hour or so. Chien Hui called to let me know boyf's meeting over edi. so i called him. and he came to look for me and we went for lunch with his colleagues.
his manager say he can have the rest of the day off now that i was there. I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM KAMPAR KAYY. hahaa. kidding laaah. didn't expect that he'll get the rest of the day off.
later that evening, went for dinner with his family at Subang.

i could still make it back by train actually but he insist that he'll send me back to Kampar. TEEHEE. i was very very tired so i slept all the way back.

thanks for sending me back boyf. you  had to rush to work next morning because of me. *shy.
glad you were happy. hehe. it was a good day indeed.

happy 24th birthday, old man!. mwah. ily.


kenwooi said...

happy birthday to him =)

yinli said...

thank you on his behalf. (: