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Monday, March 8, 2010


you know what?  f you. yes. you. 
who you think i am? super woman? i dont have brains that works in seconds okay. the due date is just a day away and you effing cant make an effort to send over earlier. already mention that 2 days before due date MUST MUST send over and you just ignore it.. it's not the 1st time okay. 
you think only you have to study meh? i also have to sit for the exact same paper as you're gonna take.. i also have to study wan okay. can you be less ignorant please? 
its an assignment without final paper and our coursework has to be superb. BUT all the last minute work how to the hell it's gonna be awesome? 
get a life lah kay. you're effing annoying. and you probably didnt realise it. 
i dont even care if you read this. 

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