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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

life-less. *updated with photos.*


i went for an 'adventure' with my classmates, (grace, john, shirley tai, khing ching n wei keat) to mid valley.. just to watch fantastic 4. lolx. well. it was fun hangging out with them.. we were whining up n down bout our lecturers n gossiping bout people. haha.

after that i went school. to meet up with xian. we went to see unggul cheer but saw nothing cuz they were having sukan tara then. so yea. oh n i flew.! haha.. yea mann. with seng ang n dinie as my base. hehe..

went to check my mail.. bloody hell.. my com studies lecturer sent us all an email bout our assignment. 84 questions weih. luckily it was a group work.


slacked the whole morning n afternoon.. i have a 5 minutes speech for public speaking, a quiz for math, and computer studies test on monday, tuesday n saturday respectively.. BUT .. all i did was laze around. haha..

at night went to meet up with minli, hafiz n leroy. hafiz came back from malacca for the weekend. so hafiz obvoiusly brought his girl along. liang hoong joined us too. with his girl.. =) min li n i bought the same shirt.. it says.

hehe. dinner was sucky. but we had fun updating each other.

*min li and i*

*us again*

*and again*

*hafiz n mechell*

*liang hoong and his girl*

*hafiz n i*

*leroy who refuses to have his picture taken cuz of his hair*

suppose to go cheer 2007 with min li.. but i once agian ffk-ed.. hehe. sorry.. i went temple instead. yea. so then.. for once. us.. the seniors cam-whored a lil.. hehe.. we kinda had fun.. sian hoo was like. i wanna go cheer. *actually i was surprised to see him there*
*photos of seniors cam-whoring. will be uploaded soon.*

i only started doing my speech after i'm done watching the song composing competition on astro aec. which is bout 1030 pm. i like the song that got first place.. lolx!

yes. my speech was a screw up shit .. oh weell. forget it. haha.

i have no mood at all to study.. to sleepy to do so.. almost fell asleeep in d library. but eventually i didnt larh.. quiz was okay..

wednesday.. today. =)
i'm currently in uni's lab. so yea. my internet line at home died AGAIN..
oh n i just got back my computer studies random quiz.. didnt study a single thing.. and to my surprised.. i score a 39 out of 80!. haha. i know. the highest was 61.. so not that bad.. whee!. okay. it sux totally. i'm having another exam this saturday. so .. wish me luck.!

Friday, June 22, 2007


got tagged by junliang and liyan.. didnt really wanna do it at first. but since liyan tagged me with the same thing.. so i shall do it.

here goes. .

5 things found in your school bag :

- pencil case

- purse

- sweets (comes in REALLY handy during boring lectures)

- house key

- student id

5 things found in your purse/wallet:

- muh-nee... $$$$ i tottally need it.

- calendar.. to keep track of the days..

- receipts.. keep track of my spendings.

- name cards.. uh. duno..

- identity card.. it's a must wert. not meh?

5 favourite thing my your room:

- my BED!!!!! the place i study, sleep, laugh, cry, talk on the phone.

- my clothes. it's like never enough.. haha.

- my dressing table.. place to store d accesories.

- my accessories.. just love it.

- my bags... i want more bags.... *evil smile*

5 things you are currently into:

- that handphone

- that nike bag..

- when to celebrate my own birthday.. stupid examinations.. grr..

- finish all my dumb-ass assignments. (i feel like a nerd)

- tops!! (i dun wanna wear d same thing to class...)

5 people I wanna tag:

uh.. anyone who wants to do lar..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i HATE assignments.. ALL my assignments due at the same time..

bloody hell..

oh and. i dun like the lecture hall. it's hot.. grr..

okay enough..

i'm facing a dilemma now. =(

i sooooo wanna go want to go cheer 2007!


i also HAVE to attend sunday class this sunday.

reason no1 : most of the others all r going for cheer 2007... so very lil seniors will attend.
reason no2 : I'll get the black face if i dun plan to go class cuz was said to have abandon someone..

friggin unfair. .

I WANNA GO CHEER 2007!!!!!!!!

oh well.


Saturday, June 16, 2007


went 1u shopping with my sis n lynn yee. yu han joined us later.. i was tired when i got home.. bout 5pm then. n met my class mate, wei keat there. so random.

but now..

*drum rolls*

i'm feeling a weetle biity bit high now. went for dinner at this place called 'decanter' at bukit damansara.. in conjuntion with father's day. =) soo fun!. *decanter is a bistro bar.*

we wanted to go somewhere we haven been before. so had hard time deciding. 1st was victoria station then the ship then colliseum then i duno where.. dad was like 'okay lar.. bring you all to this place you will NEVER expect there's a bar. '

the food there was good. wasnt that expensive.. the food wasnt expensive as usual. the drinks were more expensive.. i love the environment.. it's not smoky. haha mayb cuz it's still early then.

i had italian cheese chicken.. which was nice!. n magarita. frozen. =)

after the food, dad n i shared the magarita. so we ordered another drink called flaming lamboughini.. haha.. it was fun drinking that.. the kids at the next table was like.. 'daddy.. y got fire wan'.. lolx.

overall my family n i had fun. thank you daddy.

*i was suppose 2 pay for dinner but din withdraw money so it's on loan. hehe. *

one moment i'm underage drinking. oh well. i started drinking since i was 14 or was it 15. but i was never drunk kay.. just red face. n i dont do it often. because. i'm kindo allergic to alcohol. n i do not like the side effects..

dad n i at langkawi's cable car.

the bar at decanter.

dad n i again.


flaming lamboughini. cant see the fire here cuz there's flash.

happy fathers day. i love you daddy.

Friday, June 15, 2007


i haven been blogging much lately.. credits to uni. urgh. oh n my streamyx line. thank you thunderstorm.

lets see. .where should i start.. hmm..

event no 1.

last saturday then. went temple meeting but the meeting was reeaaaaaalllllllyyyyy short. hehe. n i was HUNGRY. so after meeting, we (me, my sis, hwee sann n wei ee) went to my house. n then went to williams for dinner.

i know 'the usual gang' will be there. so yea. i appeared there.!. hehe. jeez. i miss them sooo much.. rach n i were suppose to have our talk. but we were sitting sooo far apart. =( because it was raining so williams was superb crowded. so they decided to leave to i duno where n my mom din let me follow.


my family all went to shuh na's house. the 4 of us, sann, ee, my sis n i kinda disturbed them. we went there with our stomach filled but the people in the house has empty stomach.

so they ate banana shared a bottle of vitagen and egg.! .

that's all for that story.

event no 2.

i had computer studies on wednesdays n thursdays. we have new lecturer every week! jeez. n it's only the 3rd week of class. the lecturers were like goood to baaad... first was ms. law zhe zhe.. she good. n nice. n pretty..

then we have this mr i-forgotten-his-name. the way he teach is sucky. but better than the 3rd one..

next we have *drumrolls* ms. low something something. i couldn't remember. she's huge, talks clearly WITHOUT using the microphone, DO NOT use the com n projector.. okay in conclusion. she sux.. she's suppose to teach us bout the COMPUTER, instead she went on n on bout how to edit commercials, music videos n claims if she gives us break time, she wont b able to finish it.

event no 3.
my classmates. =) i'll elaborate more when i get all their photos..

okay that's all. i really have no idea what else to write since i havent been blogging much. and nothing much interesting been happening lately.

i so damn miss cheerleading..

oh n random photos i finally found.

darling shuenz n i. =) wesak day float.
xian. me n wei ee. project superstar concert.

Monday, June 4, 2007

uh.. uni..

Basically. uni life. uh. sux..big time.. started class on the 28th of may.. lectures were friggin boring kay. n we have to be there early. or we'll have to sit all the way at the enndddddddddd of the class.. which u barely can see the slide with all those heads infront.

okay . talking bout uni. my class isn't that bad. well. you must be thinking my class is full of lalas.. uh. its not that bad actually. infact most of them dresses erm. normally. =) lala memang got lar.. duhh.. there's bout 25 humans in my class consist of all chinese except one. she's an indian. but she's nice. some from johor. one from sarawak, one from sabah, n a pair of twins!.

so. UTAR. people there speaks chinese. so.. those who can speak english (dun need to be perfect english) .. can be counted..

eg. i met yann shun n vincent before my class. so. the 3 of us comunicated in english. then my fren was like. do u normally speaks english? you must be good at it..

so. get what i meant? oh well. i'm gonna continue.

i love my friday timetable. classes starts at 8am, ends at 10am. =)

so enough of uni..

i spent my whole weekend slacking n slumbering. not wanting to do anything. n not forgettin the moodswings.. my cousins were here for the weekends. one of them is 10 n the other 12. so yea. the boys were maple-ing basically the whole day!. n the girl. kinda joined them .

and shopping! went curve on sunday. bought a pair of flats. for uni use. i'm not gonna wear my sport shoe everyday... my sis wanted a new pair of shoe.. but too bad.. no size. haha.!.

this week's fcukin hectic.. 3 events coming up. 2 is a must to attend. n i have classes.. n dental appointment. n random events popping out of no where. which totally explain my mood swing...

so . forgive me if i in a way offended u kay.